‘Echo Boy’ by Matt Haig [Book Review]

This is the second book I read on holiday and although slightly different to what I normallyecho boy 2 read, is by far one of my favourite books. Set in a futuristic world where robots dominate the land, a girl named Audrey finds herself surrounded by emotionless machines. When one of them malfunctions and kills her parents she finds herself questioning their safety and what brought about this event.

As a whole, this book created such a believable and yet terrifying world. It had all these machines and developed equipment that in all honesty could be possible in the future. People could travel to other countries in a matter of minutes, education happened within a pod inside your own home, robots followed your every instruction. I felt like I was in a completely different society whilst I was reading the novel and although it was fascinating, I was almost fearful of our future because I know that if I lived in a world like this, I would hate it.

The question that underlies the book is ‘what makes us human?’ Audrey is surrounded by robots and yet when she finds out that one of them is different, can feel emotions it shouldn’t and can disobey human’s instructions, she’s hesitant. Because if robots could be designed to disobey us off their own accord, surely they could obliterate the entire human race?

The story connects Audrey with the robot Daniel who tries to hide his emotions, but at first she doesn’t know how to react to him. Could he be classified as a human? Do emotions make us human or is there more to our classification? All these questions buzzed about this book and I just found it really intriguing to think about.

Overall, this book was beyond amazing. I can’t even tell you how much I loved it and to be honest, this review probably doesn’t do it justice. However I recommend you read it and see for yourself. Below are a few of my favourite quotes 🙂

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