Lion King at the Theatre!

Yesterday I went to see the Lion King at the theatre and it was so amazing! Despite the room being full of little children and me being pretty much the only teenager there (as it was an afternoon viewing rather than an evening one), it was still really great.

There are a few things I love about the theatre and one of them is the costumes and staging. Considering all the characters were animals, the costumes were really well made. They had this person walking with both their feet and hands on stilts so they looked like a giraffe and it was actually so realistic. It must have taken ages to practice without falling over. They had the hyenas run up the rows from the back of the theatre and all the children’s lit up faces were so cute.

I also love the singing in theatre, not just the moments where the stage is packed and full of life but also when it’s empty and there’s one person singing and they sing with so much expression. One of the actors was a boy who could only have been about 9 (he played Simba) and it’s amazing how someone so young can remember so many lines and pay attention for so long to pull off a role. He was really great.

Overall I really enjoyed it and would definitely go again 🙂

Have any of you seen something at the theatre? How did you find it?

4 thoughts on “Lion King at the Theatre!

  1. i saw romeo and juliet with my dad and that was amazing ❤ we were right at the front too so the cast kept saying hi to us xD
    sounds like you had fun woo

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