Interesting Facts about Hong Kong!

A few days ago I returned from my trip to Hong Kong and I had such a great time! Seeing as it’s so different over there than in the UK, I thought I’d do a post on some of the small things I learnt whilst I was over there and perhaps things you wouldn’t find easily by researching the country on the internet.

Classic pano of a Wetlands Park

1) They often serve up hot water to drink in restaurants and bars and pretty much everywhere (can’t say I’m a fan though)

2) Not many people there wear make up which is kind of nice to be honest as everyone is just natural

3) They use bamboo sticks for construction rather than metal poles (and wow do they look unstable)

4) There is literally (and this time I really do mean literally) a Starbucks on every corner – I tried a chocolate chip cream frappucino in Starbucks and it was so good!

5) You’re not allowed to eat or drink on tubes or trains otherwise you have to pay a fine

6) The tubes are also air conditioned so much better than those in London so you don’t feel like you’re dying of heat

7) There are pretty much no houses – everyone lives in flats or apartments

8) At night markets you get people randomly singing, including crazy guys dancing and imitating Michael Jackson with a hoop that they never jump through

9) In restaurants they often give you free savoury popcorn with your drinks – I’d say it’s kind of Chinese spiced? though I’m not sure

10) You can get around Hong Kong on a tram for only 23p – how cheap is that?!

11) They have Haagen Daaz ice cream everywhere I swear

12) On the tubes the handles that hang from the ceiling are so low that I had to mind I didn’t hit my head on them

13) Asian kids are actually adorable

14) The humidity there is insane – it can only be 24 degrees and it feels like 40

15) And finally…the food is amazing! They have all different kinds of cuisine from around the world including English, Spanish, Italian, Indian and of course, Chinese.

Hong Kong city lights!

I hope these facts were an interesting insight to life in Hong Kong! Have you been to any interesting countries that take a different approach to everyday life? I’d love to know – just drop me a comment 🙂

7 thoughts on “Interesting Facts about Hong Kong!

  1. when i went to portugal, they had these amazing night-markets and these guys would just walk up to you and be like “want a watch?” and they could always tell we were foreigners (even my dad, who is quite tan) once a homeless guy actually came up to us in an outside restaurant (they had an inside but only for food prep, not for sitting!) ive never had a guy do that in england whilst i was eating, usually its just as we’re walking along

    hong kong sounds cool xD

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  2. I have a few friends and family who live in Hong Kong – I never noticed that it was weird that we got served hot water in restaurants but thinking about it now… Yeah there’s physically not enough space for people to live in houses haha sounds like you had a good time!

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