art. [flash-fiction]

i have an urge to just visit an art gallery – to step into a room of people; of unknown minds and thoughts splattered on canvases in the wind. i feel like seeing. i feel like finding a painting i like for no reason other than i see it. and just staring at it; just staring at it for hours and hours until i feel like i know it – until i feel like i know the creator. and i wonder how much time has changed, since i was a child and i would look at this art and see it for its physicality not its depth. and i know i never appreciated it enough. because you can never appreciate something enough when you don’t understand the world. so i want to go to an art gallery. i don’t know why but i want to feel it; acknowledge the change and dig my mind in the process. as art fills up the rooms worries die inside our heads. knowing someone has given up their soul for sale is the bravest kind of act there can be.

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