Lunchables, Capri-Suns and Cheesestrings: Still Allowed?

So as you all already know, I’ve finished school and am starting uni in September. You could say this is probably my step into adulthood as I’m moving out into a completely different city and will be starting new. However sometimes I think about how much that means I have to give up – pretty much my childhood in general.

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That sounded like a pretty serious start to this post but really I just wanted to talk about simple things like food. What annoys me is the amount of food that tastes amazing but has children’s packaging. There’s lunchables, capri suns, cheesestrings, chocolate yoghurt filled cakes things (which are heaven by the way) and loads more, but I feel like because they’re in kids packaging I would look weird buying them at this age. The person at the till would probably think I have a child of my own or something.

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It’s just strange how I’ve never grown out of these things, but I don’t think I should feel ashamed to eat them just because they’re for kids because they taste great xD I mean, why have capri suns exclusively on the kid’s menu? Are you forgetting about someone here? Even writing this I feel like I’m going insane but I’m hoping someone out there gets what I’m on about (and please comment if you do omg). I don’t know if I’m brave enough to casually eat lunchables when I get to uni but I sure as hell am going to do it now.

So should eating kid’s things as an adult be allowed? Should there not be kid’s packaging in the first place? Either way, if I have a child in the future I will be sitting down next to them eating kid’s food I don’t even care xD


8 thoughts on “Lunchables, Capri-Suns and Cheesestrings: Still Allowed?

  1. When I was in college and stressed-out with all research papers and filming, I go out to hypermarket just to buy my favorite stick o – it is wafer stick I love since I was a kid. I buy a whole container and bring it with me while doing researches at the uni.

    Hahaha i feel you :—)

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  2. ‘chocolate yoghurt filled cake things’ haha i love u.. um yeah i had all of this when i was at school and the other day i found a wrapped for a cheese string in my bedroom which must be years old as i haven’t had them for three+ years… lol they were my childhood, in a way, but i still have capri sun, it is very much a part of my life. I love alphabetti spaghetti too, just playing about with the letters, even though i’m 18. I’m still very much a seven year old at heart! 😛

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