caged. [poem]

A random thing I wrote because I feel like I haven’t written a poem in ages. It’s a bit depressing though, why does this always happen😂

sometimes I feel so locked

inside a cage of darkness

that I wonder how I can get past

these bars

it’s as if the world shakes me

metal upon skin

bruising and bruising and

bruising my skin

and yet I don’t get any closer

to falling out.

it’s like if I made some giant step

into freedom

I would suddenly be okay,

but what is a giant step

how do I make a giant step

when every tiny thing seems

like one.

I can reach out

and see people

and talk to them

and yet I’m still

weighed down by these

suffocating bars.

I wonder how the world looks without me.

I wonder who else is fighting metal thoughts.


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