Survival Music

Tonight I decided to type a few songs into YouTube by my favourite bands that have been released recently and by simply listening through them it has reminded me of how much I goddamn love music. It’s crazy how just nodding my head or miming along to it puts me in such a good mood and I honestly can’t describe how great it feels. Music has always been the one thing that keeps me going whenever everything else becomes a bit of a mess and it’s like I suddenly re-remembered this feeling. I don’t know. It’s weird. But I had to write a blog post on it anyway. So here’s the few songs that have made my week and I can’t guarantee they’ll make yours either, but it might be nice to have a listen anyway.

I’ve also been really into a band called Movements recently, but I should be posting on them sometime soon!

What songs have been keeping you going recently?

3 thoughts on “Survival Music

  1. Music has so much to do with our lives. Happy or sad or whatever mood you are in there is music perfect for anything. I listen and try to listen to music from as many languages and genres as possible. I like this post. And your blog is pretty cool. Have followed your blog to read more.

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