‘Overthinking’ by Orla Gartland [Music Review]

“and I think my brain is breaking

and it’s just myself I’ve been blaming

it’s frustrating

I just wanna know why”

I’ve been a fan of Orla Gartland for years – ever since I started listening to her friend Lauren Aquilina – but her music has never been as good as it is right now! I really admire her work to be honest because she writes, produces and records the music all herself and I’m so surprised she hasn’t been signed, however she does have a very large fan base.

Recently she shared a new song called ‘Overthinking’ and it’s definitely my favourite song of hers! As some people in the comments have suggested, she gives the verses an almost rap vibe similar to Twenty One Pilots and I love the way it sounds and fits together. It also tackles the topic of anxiety and the lyrics make it so relatable to me personally. It’s great that she doesn’t just sing with a guitar, but also creates beats and plays piano as well. I love that the more recent songs have been more personal too as I feel like the more honest the song is, the better it sounds.

I just had to share this song because as a lesser known artist who’s trying to make it out in the world doing something they love, it must be very difficult. And I’m sure this song will relate to a lot of you out there and it’d be cool to pass it on.


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