Analysing Album Covers [#1 Neck Deep]

A lot of the time when we’re browsing for music, especially on iTunes or Spotify, we visually judge music based on the cover. If we like it, we click on it, if we don’t we often ignore it. It actually makes a pretty big impact, and sometimes I come across good music with bad covers and I wonder why they couldn’t have made them more impactful, however a lot of the music I listen to has genuinely amazing album covers and so I wanted to analyse them and their possible meanings!

I’m going to start this as a series over the next few weeks as I feel like it will be too much to post all at once, and it means that you can comment with your thoughts on the cover too if you like, whether you’ve heard the music or not.

First up is ‘The Peace and the Panic’ by Neck Deep!

Image result for the peace and the panic neck deepOne thing I love about Neck Deep, apart from their music of course, is they always seem to have amazing artwork, like how ?? I particularly like this one because of the two sides, representing both the peaceful and panic side. I love how the man in the middle is on a tightrope between them because it’s like this unsteady ledge, this danger of which side you may fall into and not knowing where you’re going to land. For me, this worry of not knowing whether outcomes will result in happiness or anxiety is really relatable and I’m sure that for a lot of listeners the man on the front cover represents them. It’s this unpredictability of your state of mind and trying to seek out a way to balance between them – a comfortable middle amidst the chaos. I have a pin of the album man on my denim jacket to remind me that I can balance and make it out alive.

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