Analysing Album Covers [#4 As It Is]

The fourth band of this series is As It Is! Whilst Neck Deep and Movements have their own thing going on, as shown in previous posts, As It Is is very similar to Waterparks in their happy-but-not-really-so-happy approach.

Image result for as it is okay album cover

I’m going to be analysing their most recent album ‘okay.’ where the title, in itself, speaks of a false pretense of pretending you’re okay when you’re not. What I love about the cover, and also all the artwork surrounding this album, is the way on first glance you initially see a perfect family scenario. There are happy faces and ‘perfect’ houses and it just looks like a typical idyllic day. That is until you notice the hidden details, like the grenade casually sitting in the bicycle basket, and suddenly you’re like wait, has that always been there?

For me this typifies the perspective on family as something that isn’t really known until you look closely. We see other people’s lives from the outside and we try to understand but we never could. We see these small details if we look hard enough but they don’t sit quite right with the context. On looking at this album cover it’s hard to comprehend how a smiling lady and a grenade go hand in hand. Except we see this all the time.

A lot of the time I think about what people are hiding, because I find it interesting to think how much people can keep hidden whilst still remaining an open person. A lot of people hide more than you think. This album wraps these feelings into a single cover that takes us off guard but reminds us that we’re not the only ones pretending or moving forward whilst wary of a grenade blowing up right in front of us – because sometimes it really does feel like we’re that close to everything being over.

As It Is really take this idea forward and push it on throughout the songs in the album and I love that each song is like a window into this reserved house that we would not have known or understood otherwise. It’s like a step into the invisible grenade. It’s like a step into acceptance.

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