New Music I’m Hyped For!

Recently State Champs have announced their new album that will be released on June 15th (can it not be any sooner?!) and I love their old songs but oh my god their new music is on an entirely new level. So far they have released two singles: “Dead and Gone” and “Crystal Ball” and I just absolutely love them. I couldn’t even tell you why because it’s everything about them. They just put me in such a good mood but they also make me feel so much, like maybe it’s just because I feel music on such a high scale but I can just totally get into the songs and I love it. They’re ridiculously catchy and I actually can’t stop singing them (or miming because I can’t actually sing rip), so I’m here to get them stuck in your head too. Have a listen! (also listen out for the cool Friends reference in “Dead and Gone” I love it)


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