Favourite Christmas Memories!

In an attempt to publish more Christmas themed posts this year, I’ll start by sharing my favourite Christmas memories from past years! Christmas is a time where the environment, the people you’re with, and the activities you do are really what makes the holiday so great. And even if you don’t have a huge family, I think it’s still nice to appreciate the small things.

Ready for the roast dinner!

1. I normally spend Christmas at home but a few years ago we went to my cousins and it was a really fun Christmas! We played lots of board games, like Pictionary and game of life and it was really nice to spend time with them.

2. One year I spent Christmas Day in Australia! It was a really strange experience because it felt like any other day. We had a BBQ instead of a roast dinner, but we spent it at the zoo which was pretty cool!

3. The classic chilled out Christmas at home (which is what I do most years) – I watched Elf with my brother and we spent the whole day on the sofa eating chocolate. Later, we had a really lovely roast dinner my Mum cooked.

Food stall at Winter Wonderland!

4. Visiting Winter Wonderland! This wasn’t on Christmas Day but my Mum and I went there last year to look round the markets and I got a hot dog and some mulled wine.

5. Quite a few years ago I spent Christmas with my Dad, brother and grandparents and that was really fun! We had roast dinner and played a lot of board games (including this game that’s similar to Pictionary except you mould the objects out of play doh).

I’m excited for this year as I will be spending a week in New York and I can’t wait to spend Christmas day amongst the snow (or at least, I hope I will!)

What are your favourite memories of Christmas?

3 thoughts on “Favourite Christmas Memories!

  1. I always spend Christmas with my cousins. Well boxing day because my uncle’s family spends the night at Christmas so we spend the night boxing day. We usually see my uncle’s family. His dad and his sister and her husband. I don’t really like her husband, find him patronising tbh. Don’t tell him I said that. 😂 So we have a roast at home on Christmas day and then go down to them for boxing day. I remember one year there was this boy that I played with and i have no clue who he was or why he was there but one year he was there at Christmas. I’ve always felt it would be rude to ask who he was but it was just a random thing one year. I know his name but I mean who is he to my family? 😂 He was fun to play with though. He must be so old now, wow. One year we spent it with my nan because we thought she’d be lonely as my mum’s sister wasn’t spending it with her for some weird reason. We’ve never really differentiated from routine, apart from that, though when I was really young we actually used to go to my aunt’s on CHRISTMAS DAY rather than boxing day, which I miss. I want to go to Australia/New York for Christmas. 😂 I love Christmas though, because my aunt, uncle, and cousins are all so lovely and it’s so nice to see them as I don’t get to see them often.

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    • Aww that sounds really lovely! I wish I could have more Christmas’s as a huge family get-together but my family isn’t very big. It’s more chilled out with less people though, so in that sense, it’s nice because I can spend more time with individual people.
      Yeah it’s really cool having Christmas abroad but also strange! I’m having my Christmas with my Mum on the 16th before I go so I guess I’m not completely missing out on the roast dinner which is good! 😊 I hope you have a great Christmas!


      • My family is really small too. Literally just my aunt, uncle, 2 cousins, and on the other side of the family I have my nan. That’s it. Oh it’ll be nice to have a roast with your mum 🙂

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