Do you ever meet someone and find them intriguing, for no reason?

Do you ever meet someone and just think they’re really interesting? Not in the way that they seem like a cool person or that you want to be friends but you feel drawn to them in some way?

It’s hard to explain, but I get this feeling sometimes. I’m a very observant person and I like to analyse people – not in a weird way, but in a way where I like to figure out who they are as a person. I look deeper into their mannerisms or the way they talk and I think about what they could be hiding. I’ll never know for sure by just looking, but a lot of the time I’m very good at sensing a person.

For this reason, I sometimes meet someone – or even just see them from a distance – and I just feel really intrigued by them, as if I know them in some way. It sounds really odd because it’s not a “wow I’m drawn to you because you’re attractive” feeling, but it’s also not a “you seem really nice let’s be friends” feeling either. It’s like some weird soul connection that doesn’t even involve any talking. And I probably sound insane but it’s something that just happens to me.

I think about this sometimes and wonder why or how it happens. It’s kind of similar to when I read a book and I feel like the writer knows me because they think in the same way as me. It may be because that person has been through similar experiences or they have a similar personality. But it’s very weird that I manage to pick this up from someone without even knowing or speaking to them. I’ve always been an empath and very susceptible to feeling other’s emotions so maybe that is part of it. Either way, I’ve made some strange connections out there, and the other person probably doesn’t even realise! I’ll always wonder if they feel it too.

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