It’s Impossible to Imagine a New Colour – Or Is It?

I’ve been holding onto this idea for a while, waiting for the right moment to share my thoughts on it and to hear all of yours too.

It’s so weird that we have all these colours in our life. We think about colour a lot: when we answer the question ‘what is your favourite colour?’ or pick out our outfit for the day or notice the sunset in the evening. We think about colour and yet do we really think about colour at all?

I remember a while back in secondary school, we talked about how colour could be subjective. I have a particular vision of what red is, but red might look completely different to someone else, yet we have both come to know it as red since this is what we are taught. My friend could point at yellow and say this is yellow, but her version of yellow might look like my version of purple. How would I even know?

To take this even further, I find it intriguing how colour seems infinite (since you can mix multiple colours together to make new colours) and yet all those new colours are still colours that exist. It isn’t possible to create a colour that doesn’t exist – or is it?

This is something I’m not sure I have the answer to – does anyone? But I would love to know what you all think so please leave your thoughts in the comments!

5 thoughts on “It’s Impossible to Imagine a New Colour – Or Is It?

  1. It must be as they were advertising for people to travel the world to find some.
    Also if you research about colour and there is a fantastic book by kassia st Clair which tells you the history of 75 colours; you find that until the renaissance blue didn’t really exist. Lapis lazuli is very expensive so the use of that colour was limited until then. To be an artist you needed a wealthy patron to shell out for your materials. There are bbc programs about blue, white and gold. There are also many programs on artists and particular eras.
    From a linguistic perspective the Russians have a word for light blue and one for dark blue but the ancient Greeks didn’t have a word for blue. They said the wine dark sea. So if you don’t have a word for something you can’t really contemplate the concept of it as you don’t have the language to describe it.
    Yes I’ve studied this quite extensively as I love colour, art, history, culture and language.

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