An Exciting Opportunity!

The last week has been very exciting! A writing opportunity popped up and I’ve spent the week planning, writing and submitting stories which will be appearing on an app in the near future! The app company is focused on stress management – tracking stress, finding its root cause, and making changes for the future. One particular section is focused on stories that you can put earphones in and listen to when you’re feeling overwhelmed – this is the part I’m taking part in!

I didn’t expect all of this to happen so quickly but, after putting together these pieces of writing, I headed off to London a few days ago to go to Dean Street Studios! It was such an insane experience – I’ve never been to a recording studio before, but to visit one that a lot of famous and influential people have been to made it even more exciting!

I had a look around the various studio rooms, took a couple photos, and then listened to the recordings! It was such a strange but wonderful feeling having my writing read out by actors and recorded. It didn’t feel quite real – almost like it wasn’t my writing at all – and I had to keep reminding myself that it was!

It was really interesting seeing what goes on behind the scenes and how things are produced and put together. There is a lot more to voice acting than it would seem – it’s not just about the sound of the voice, but the pronunciation of words, the pacing, the emphasis on certain syllables of the words. Every little bit makes a difference and it’s important when trying to get across a certain type of message.

I had such a great day learning how it all worked, meeting some lovely people, and just enjoying the whole process! I’m really excited to see how it all turns out!



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