5 Things I’m Grateful For This October (2019)

Following on from my previous ‘5 Things I’m Grateful For This September (2019)’, I’m back with the second blog post of the series! I think the first post went down quite well, and I think it also helped me reflect on the good parts of the month more than anything else. So here we go again!

Small Interactions/Connections

I often find that the smallest of things can make me really happy. This month I’ve had various moments where I just felt really connected to people – people I didn’t know, people I had only just met. I was sitting next to someone on the train the other week and, just before he left to get off at his station, he turned to me, smiled, and said ‘hope you have a great trip’. It was such a simple remark but it really made my day – and he probably didn’t even realise it at the time. I guess what I’m saying is that this month I really felt the good side of humanity – the kind, the emotional, the honest side. And I noticed that, when I was travelling, I felt the urge to reach out and speak to people too, to also make that connection. It’s almost like a mutual wave of kindness was just flowing around and recruiting people along the way, and that makes me happy.


Unexpected Writing Opportunity

I wrote a post about this a week or so ago, which you can view here, but I had to mention this within the list because I’m so hugely grateful to have the chance to put my writing out into the world through an app! Writing has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, but writing for a cause is so important to me too. I don’t just write for myself, I write to help others too, and so it felt great to take part in an opportunity that involved reaching out and helping people through my words. The whole experience was an unexpected occurrence, but I think sometimes unexpected things end up being the greatest opportunities! I had a wonderful day watching the recording of my writing and I’m sure it’s something I will be grateful for for my whole life.


My Progress

This is a bit of a weird one, but I’m really grateful for the amount of progress I’ve made. There’s a lot of things I have struggled with over the years, due to mental health, and speaking my mind and in front of others is one major one in particular. This month, I’ve really been trying to push myself and disengage the associations my brain has with school/university classes. Speaking up in class has always given me a lot of anxiety – red face, shaking, sweating, losing breath, you name it. It’s really difficult to hide this when everyone is staring right at your face. However, after all my hard work over the past year to increase my confidence and decrease social anxiety, I’ve finally managed to speak up more in class than I have in my entire three years of my degree! The anxiety isn’t completely gone, but I’m able to get through it and still feel good about myself by the end. And that really is a huge step in my progress. I really am grateful to everything and everyone that has brought me to this point.



This may seem trivial compared to the previous three things, but sometimes it’s good to take a new perspective on something that has become so habitual. I don’t go shopping that often, but when I do I sometimes end up buying quite a few things to make up for it! I’m grateful that there’s so much choice out there in terms of fashion. It’s amazing really that someone designed every single piece of clothing and that we use them to express our personality. A lot of the time it is not just a piece of clothing, it’s more than that. The fact that fashion gives people confidence and happiness is pretty wonderful.


Again, this is a very simple thing, but for my birthday earlier this month I got sent a bunch of flowers and I just thought that they were really beautiful. I mean, they’re kind of starting to die now, but it’s interesting watching the slow transformation each day. They have also inspired me to take photographs for my Instagram which I’m grateful for, so watch out for some flower pictures!

What are you grateful for this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Grateful For This October (2019)

  1. This is such a cool idea for a series, I love it! It’s so true how much small connections can make your day, I like writing down a few small things that made me happy at the end of each day & a few months ago I had a similar experience with a really friendly guy on a train…it’s amazing how something so little can have such a big effect. Can also completely relate to the scariness of speaking in class! But like you I think I’ve come such a long way since the start of my degree. Thank you for this little piece of positivity :)) x

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