5 Things I’m Grateful For This November (2019)

It seems like only a few days ago I started this blog series, but both September’s gratitude and October’s gratitude have gone by, so here I am again for November!


Time to breathe

This month, I decided to start up meditation as a consistent routine. I’ve done meditation on and off before, but I never really set my mind to do it for a long period of time. My friend decided she’d like to do the same so we now message each other every day and try to do meditation at the same time. I feel so grateful to have apps like Insight Timer, Calm and Headspace where there are so many free meditations available for use, but also to have a friend that shares the same interest as me and who motivates me to better myself.


Dream-like moments

There are some moments in life where everything seems kind of surreal. Often it’s when you’re in a change of environment or you’re doing something new. It’s a dream-like moment where you feel as though you’re in a bubble of happiness away from your everyday life. I’ve had quite a few of these this month – going for a long walk, days out with friends – and it reminds me how nice it is to break the routine. I felt as though I existed in myself on those days, away from all the external and materialistic things I associate with myself, and I feel so grateful for that.



With the build up to Christmas, it’s really made me appreciate how wonderful the spirit is around this time of year. I’ve always loved Christmas, but I feel like I notice it so much more now – the warmth of people, the excitement and the singing. I went to the switch on of the Christmas lights in Norwich a few weeks ago and it was so lovely to see everyone gathered together for the event. I understand why some people might find Christmas overwhelming, but to me it is the time of year where everyone seems so free and genuine and kind.


The Little Surprises

I think when a lot of us hear the word “surprise” we think of something big, like a surprise party, but sometimes even the small, unexpected things are overwhelmingly exciting. A week ago my Mum sent me a little box in the post full of surprise goodies and it was so lovely! In it was a little pine cone lady decoration, a pot of travel facts, a cute magnet, an advent calendar and a lot of chocolate! I’m so grateful to have these goodies to get me through my essays over my final weeks at university this term, so if you’re reading this Mum, thank you so so much!



If you’ve been following my blog over the last few months, you’re probably aware that I decided to join yoga club this year at uni. It was one of my goals for tackling stress/anxiety and I’m so happy that I’ve managed to keep it up! I’m so grateful that the club has so many sessions on offer. There is a mix of fast-paced, calm, and core-based sessions and I always look forward to bringing on the new challenges. Before yoga I was super inflexible (I couldn’t even touch my toes) and I’m hardly the opposite now, but I have noticed a lot of improvement. I always feel so refreshed afterwards as if I can breathe so much easier and freely, and it helps reverse the sitting positions I resort to throughout most of the day. I think it’s easy to have a stereotypical perception of yoga or the kinds of people who do yoga, but it consistently surprises me. It has helped me so much, and I think everyone can benefit from a little yoga every now and again.


A photo I took on a walk around the lake!


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10 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Grateful For This November (2019)

  1. I love your list! I felt like I could relate to a lot of what you said. I totally agree with the benefits of yoga, how helpful it is to help release any stress, overwhelm, & anxiety. I’ve heard of those mediation apps, but have yet to give them a try. Is there one you recommend the best?

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