Why is Walking So Important? [Dr Chatterjee Podcast Review]

Last week, I decided to go on a walk. I do this every so often, strolling around the lake on my university campus, taking some nature photos and admiring the scenery. But this time, instead of listening to music, I put on a podcast. This was actually the first time I’d properly listened to a podcast, let alone walk to one, and it felt really amazing!

The podcast I listened to was Feel Better Live More by Dr Chatterjee and the episode was titled: Why Walking Is The Superpower You Didn’t Know You Had. I’ve been following Dr Chatterjee for a few months now since I read his book The Stress Solution back in September, which helped me so much with creating my goals for tackling stress/anxiety. I was aware he had a podcast but, knowing nothing about podcasts whatsoever, I assumed it was something you had to purchase. It was only last week that I searched it up and realised that you can actually listen to it for free, either on YouTube or on the apple podcasts app! That’s when I decided to take a walk whilst listening to a podcast about walks, and it was super insightful!

In the podcast, Dr Chatterjee discusses with neuroscientist Shane O’Mara how life today is often not built for walking, due to things such as narrow pavements or the use of lifts. As humans we naturally opt for the easiest option, because companies constantly manufacture things that attract our attention in their efficiency, but we should be encouraged to walk instead of using these manufactured alternatives. For example, instead of taking the lift or an escalator, take the stairs. Instead of driving the car 5 minutes away, walk. Most of the time it’s a lot simpler than we think.

The benefits of walking more not only creates a healthy body in the physical sense, but it improves mental health, sleep and productivity. Shane O’Mara mentions that if we go for a walk prior to taking part in an intellectual activity, such as writing, we perform it more creatively and generate more ideas. He even said that if you get older people that are in their 70’s to walk, prior to stimulating ideas, they will generate twice as many ideas as 20 year old’s who haven’t walked! So if I ever get stuck on an essay, I’ll definitely be putting on my boots and heading out…

I won’t spoil all the wonderful discussions in the podcast, but I hope by sharing a few of my thoughts that this is enough to encourage some of you to have a listen! I think walking is definitely underrated in that it isn’t really considered a sport, yet it’s so beneficial, and this podcast does a great job of explaining why it is important, whilst also motivating you to get yourself out there and try it!

Dr Chatterjee’s podcast Feel Better Live More doesn’t just talk about walking, but so many other topics that encourage you to live the healthiest and happiest life you can. So if you’re unsure about diving into the world of walking yet, you could listen to one about reducing alcohol, getting enough daylight, improving sleep, or developing confidence. There is absolutely something for everyone, since there are 85 episodes so far, with a new one each week!



Have you listened to Dr Chatterjee’s podcast before? Or read one of his books?

Let me know in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Why is Walking So Important? [Dr Chatterjee Podcast Review]

  1. I love walking so much, especially with the cold blue skies & sunshine at this time of year! Sounds like a cliché but I find it a really good way to clear my head & it definitely does help with productivity. I’ve never heard of this podcast before but will definitely be giving it a listen! Would also recommend the Deliciously Ella podcast for chats on everything from happiness and diet to failure and morning routines..think you might enjoy x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yess I know what you mean! Let me know what you think if you do listen!
      I think my Mum actually mentioned Deliciously Ella to me before too. I should definitely give her podcast a listen at some point – sounds interesting!

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  2. That’s interesting, how walks help us think of more ideas and help with creativity. I think that’s so useful for blogging! I’m currently working on getting enough daylight what with it being winter, so that episode sounds good for me 😊. I’ll check it out soon. Thank you for the recommend! I love the picture of the colorful leaves! They have the perfect autumn vibes 🍁

    Liked by 1 person

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