Dear Evan Hansen [Theatre Review]

A week ago I went to see Dear Evan Hansen at the theatre and it was my favourite theatre show I’ve ever seen!

I first became interested in Dear Evan Hansen when I heard someone singing a song from it on Britain’s Got Talent last year. I really connected with the song and it’s lyrics, so wondered who it was by. When I found out it was from an upcoming theatre show I knew I had to see it!

Dear Evan Hansen tells the story of a high school boy with social anxiety. One of his peers at school commits suicide and Evan finds himself lying that they were best friends. The plot follows the fabrication of this lie and the consequences that follow.

The show surprisingly had a simple set, but it didn’t need to be elaborate to make a point. There were various screens dotted about the stage with projections of social media feeds and messages; it was very effective in the way that it made me feel part of the scrolling and the masses of information that come flooding at you when using a phone. I thought the acting was brilliant – it was very personal and intimate, in that most of the scenes were family and friends conversing, and I think they did a great job of making it feel real.

I thought the show was written with so much heart and understanding. I like that it touched on important topics: loneliness, anxiety, drugs, and suicide. It was difficult to watch at times, but it was nice to see something so eye-opening and honest. I think in a world of social media, where we should feel more connected, we actually feel more lonely than ever, and so Dear Evan Hansen has come at the perfect time – to remind us that people care even when we feel like they don’t, and that none of us are ever really alone, even when we feel like we are.

This show hit particularly deep for me because I used to really struggle with social anxiety. I used to feel like I was invisible and that every time I tried to speak up anxiety would cause my hands to sweat, voice to shake, just like Evan’s. I felt alone because I couldn’t share my voice in the way I wanted to. It felt like being stuck behind a window, tapping on the glass (exactly like in the song on the show). And that’s partly why I created this blog in the first place. I’m glad to say that I’ve worked hard to overcome this and I’m in a much better place now, but in my heart I still remember what it feels like to be that person. It amazes me how well they’ve put this feeling on stage, and I think if I’d watched it at my lowest, it would have reminded me that people really do care. I hope it helps a lot of people out there.


Have you seen Dear Evan Hansen? What did you think?




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8 thoughts on “Dear Evan Hansen [Theatre Review]

  1. Hey! Sorry I’m a bit late to this post, but I was so pleased to read your review! I really resonated with the last paragraph, I felt much the same. I’ve found it really interesting, listening to different people’s responses depending on their relationship with mental health. I know someone who’s parents hated the show – they couldn’t believe anyone would make a show out of something so sad. I agree with you though – I think that highlighting these kinds of taboos makes it easier to empathise and feel seen.

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    • That’s okay! Thank you so much for commenting. Yeah I’m always so surprised when people find shows “too sad” because it’s like saying: I don’t want to face reality. The sad shows are what unite people and I completely agree with you – you either relate to it or it’s there to teach you another person’s experience. Sometimes sad shows actually turn out to be the most valuable because of this 😊

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  2. Ah wow I went to see this in Jan too! I too could relate to it as I used to have really bad social anxiety in my school days, but have come a long way since. I really like your review, as well as the message in the play about people not being as alone as they feel/think they are

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    • Thank you! Yes it’s one of those things that you just have to keep working at and improving. I’m glad to hear you’ve come a long way 😊 and that you enjoyed the show as much as me!


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