1917. [Film Review]

*spoiler free*

A few days ago, I went to see 1917 at the cinema! (known for being filmed as if it was taken in one continuous shot) I’d heard so many great things about it and hoped it would live up to its high rating and promising reviews. So here are my thoughts…

In summary, the film is set in World War One and follows two friends within the trenches. They are sent on a mission to pass on a message – to cease an attack on the enemy the following morning. It’s one of those films that if I were to explain everything that happened, there really isn’t much that physically happened, and yet it wasn’t boring at all. I couldn’t help but admire the camerawork and the lengthy scenes and wonder how long it must have taken to get it all so perfect. Despite it seemingly being one continuous shot, it is actually filmed in parts, but even these parts are a lot longer than your average film. It was really amazing how the whole crew managed to pull this off.

The way it was filmed also changed how I viewed it too. It felt like being within the trenches myself, as part of the scenes, following the men as if I was one of the soldiers myself. I think this made the film particularly emotional, because the build up to certain scenes felt so real and within reach. There were a few scenes that particularly got to me and it was very difficult to watch at times because of this, but I guess that’s something you can only expect from a war film, and if it touches you then it’s done its job.

Despite not knowing the main actors, I thought they were great. George MacKay wonderfully interpreted a man overcome with emotion and yet emotionally distant simultaneously. I really felt his strong desire to push those feelings back in order to complete his mission and I think the music – the bustling of sounds versus the silence of voice – worked to this advantage.

As I finished watching the film, I kind of just sat there taking it all in. I walked out in a daze and it stayed with me for a while, my mind still feeling as if it was torn away from war itself. And maybe that’s just the empath within me, but I thought that was what made it an amazing film – the ability to transform the audience right into a world of chaos and destruction and unpredictability, the emotional disturbances existing long after it is over.

Have you seen 1917?

What were your thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “1917. [Film Review]

  1. I haven’t seen that one yet (if I’m honest the winter makes me just want to watch Netflix:)), but I heard SO much about it. From your review, it sounds powerful and I love films that leave an impact and are thoughts provoking. It’s also a movie I can enjoy with the husband so that’s a plus too… great review!

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