Jojo Rabbit [Film Review]

*spoiler free*

A few days ago, I went to the cinema to see Jojo Rabbit. It’s one of those films where you don’t quite know what to expect, since it is a satire on World War 2. It’s strange yet funny, serious yet interesting all at once. I knew it was going to be a good film – I’d seen the reviews and I’d heard great things – but I actually enjoyed it even more than I expected.


The film follows a young boy named Jojo – a German and Nazi fanatic who is working towards becoming a soldier in World War 2. He unexpectedly comes across a Jewish girl in his attic, who his mother has been hiding, and is forced to confront all his beliefs. But not without a little help from his imaginary friend Hitler.

My Thoughts

Jojo Rabbit is one of those films that, without exceptional acting, falls very short of success, but every cast member was great. I thought the cast pulled off the right amount of plausibility and humour in their accents and expressions for the characters, and, despite the comedy, I also cared a lot about them. This made for a funny and light-hearted but also meaningful and emotional story. I was laughing one minute and I was crying the next, and I think the directors and producers did a wonderful job of making this work.

I really liked the idea of young Jojo having an imaginary figure of Hitler following him around as he made choices and decisions in his life. I think this fitted well with the typical childlike “imaginary friend”, especially since his version of Hitler was very clumsy and stupid and liked to make funny remarks. He’d pop up at unusual timings and out of all the characters he definitely made me laugh the most.

The cinematography actually surprised me at parts. It was all filmed well, but there were a couple scenes that I thought were really beautiful. One was a starry night with glowing coloured tents in a field – the kind I’d love to make a screensaver on my laptop. There was also a focus on shoes, something which I think tells you a lot about a person.

I ended up walking out of the cinema wishing I could watch the film again! It really was funny and, above all, so unique and original. I don’t think I’ve watched anything quite like it.

Have you seen Jojo Rabbit?

What did you think?

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