Weekly Wellbeing Challenge: Week 8

The challenge for this week was… reach out to a friend!

I chose this challenge because I think now is an important time to be checking up on people, making sure that the people you haven’t spoken to in a while are doing okay and that they’re not isolating themselves even further.

Sometimes it can be difficult to reach out – especially if it’s someone you’re not used to talking to in a more vulnerable way. It can also feel intimidating, but it’s one of those things that reaps the best rewards, because at the end of the day, you form a tighter bond with anyone who you are willing to open up with, and they are likely to do the same back.

I tried to put a bit more effort into asking people how they are this week, making sure that after I’ve messaged friends about trivial things, I check in and ask how they’re doing in general as well. I saw a few posts on twitter of people feeling a bit down, or needing some advice, so I tried extra hard to reply and help people where I can.

I think it’s difficult to check in with everyone all of the time, especially if you have friends that are dotted about the place – that you’ve met and built a bond with separately, rather than as a big friendship group, which is definitely the case with me.

All we can do is reach out where we can, based on our own energy levels too. Give some love, but make sure you have energy to look after yourself too.

Have you been reaching out to friends/family lately?

Let me know in the comments!

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