How many Words have I Written in my Entire University Degree?

A week ago, I sent off my final assignments towards my university degree in English Literature with Creative Writing at UEA. It was a very odd moment – and it still hasn’t quite sunk in yet – but I am so glad I don’t have to write another essay again! As much as I love books and discussing ideas and concepts, it definitely wears off after a few years! I am so ready to dive back into my own world of books and writing.

I thought it might be fun to work out how many words I’ve written throughout my time at university. I think it’s a nice way to end my three years because it’s a reflection on how much I’ve actually achieved. It’s easy to look back and feel like everything has been a blur, but these numbers prove that I’ve put in so much time and effort into getting the grade I want and every single one of those words counted.

The numbers below are only a reflection of my summative assignments, so those that counted towards my final grade (as I’m sure I wrote a lot more words for practice essays and note-taking, but it would be very difficult to include everything!)

I hope I can look back on this and feel proud at everything I’ve done.


1st year:

= 13,608 words

(Modules = Literature in History 1, Reading Texts Tutorial Class, Creative Writing Autumn Semester, Literature in History 2, Reading Texts 2, Creative Writing Spring Semester)


2nd year:

= 20,317 words

(Modules = Literature and Philosophy, Film Theory, Eighteenth Century Writing, Publishing, Contemporary Fiction, Creative Writing Prose Fiction)


3rd year (no dissertation):

= 20, 572 words

(Modules = Lyric, Nervous Narratives, Children’s Literature, Creative Writing Prose)


Total: 54,497 words

Overall Grade: 2:1


The Lake at UEA Campus


Who else has graduated this year? Or is studying a similar course?

Drop me a comment below – let’s share each other’s experiences and achievements!


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24 thoughts on “How many Words have I Written in my Entire University Degree?

    • thank you! I can’t quite believe it really! and oh noo, wishing you the best of luck 💗 I’m sure you’ll do great & even just completing them in these circumstances is an achievement


  1. This is such a brilliant idea! It really puts into perspective how much work you’ve done these past years. I would do the same, but I also had exams, as well as coursework, so it would be pretty hard to count it all up x

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  2. Congratulations on completing Uni, I have just finished my first year with the Open Uni but I’m intrigued as to how much I have written this year for my assignments.

    I’m not far for the UEA and have been looking at maybe attending in a few years time but for the Paramedic course… We’ve just moved to the area so its all new.

    Good luck with your future!!

    – Hannah |

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    • Oh that’s cool! Yes it’s certainly interesting adding up all the word counts – it’s always more than you think it’s going to be! 😊

      UEA is a really lovely place – I enjoyed my time there a lot. So I’d recommend it for sure 😊 (although I can’t vouch for your particular course).

      Thank you so much! You too!


  3. Hey Alice,

    You can certainly be proud of what you have accomplished in your uni life!

    It’s so great that you can reflect upon the number of words you have written throughout your university time. If you compile all of them, I’m sure it would turn into a wonderful, gigantic book!

    I might also consider counting the number of words I will write from now onwards till my graduation. Thanks for the inspiration, Alice.

    I am so happy to connect with you. I must say you are doing a fantastic job.

    Kiran Kandel

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  4. This is so interesting and awesome that you kept track of it! Amazing job, it really added up quickly! I might start keeping up with word counts for college, I never thought about doing this.

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  5. As an English lit student, who just finished her masters last year, I understand how this is. If I only take into account the exams for 5 years, I wrote approximately 160,000 words. And I am not even counting term papers, diss and other stuff. So, when the other day, my girlfriend was worried about her 800 words report for her biology class, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. 😅

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  6. I did a maths degree and I wrote 12,381 words for my fourth year masters dissertation which I thought was a lot!! You have written a lot of words in your degree, hope you got a good grade in the end!

    Feel free to read some of my blogs as well!!

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