Weekly Wellbeing Challenge: Week 15

The challenge for this week was… Stroke a pet!

Here is a small overview of how I got on with the challenge.

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This week I put my huge photo album of cat photos to good use by including them in my Weekly Wellbeing Newsletter. Spending time with animals – whether they are your own pets, someone else’s, or videos you are watching online – can really change your mood into positivity and happiness.

If I haven’t spoken about them enough already, I have two black cats – Monty and Jasper. I see Monty as a bit of a grandfather – he is lazy but wise and loves all the attention he can get! Jasper, by comparison, is like a little baby – he is anxious, likes his own space, but when he trusts you he is unbelievably affectionate.

It’s strange because, as if Monty knew that spending time with cats was the challenge for this week, he bounded over to me on the sofa one evening and lay on my lap for a whole hour (which is really unlike him!). He was being extra soppy, and almost fell asleep, and it was honestly the sweetest thing!

I’ve also been picking up Jasper to give him lots of hugs this week. A couple weeks ago he was really ill and wasn’t eating, so I’m really glad he’s back to normal again as we were all really worried.

I also got a chance to see my friend’s dog too, which was really lovely!


Have you been spending time with any animals this week?

Let me know in the comments!

I want to hear all about your pets and their names!


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