Time To Bookswap!

Last summer, I stumbled across a website which has honestly been one of my favourite things lately: Bookswap!

It’s a place where you can offer your old books to others who can purchase them for 1 book point and £3.58 (delivery fee + swapping fee) each. For every book you sell, you get a book point, and so on…

As you may already know, I actually love decluttering and lockdown has given me more opportunity to sort out my clutter even further. As a result, I now have 76 books up on Bookswap that I desperately want to send to nice homes! (with a little message and teabags)

So, if anyone wants to browse my Bookswap collection, which honestly is turning into a bit of a library, head over to my page here! You only have to pay delivery once if you order more than one book. Also, as a bonus, you can get a free book point if you use this referral link – woo!

I want to say this post is sponsored but it isn’t; I just genuinely love this site and my books are taking up too much space at home – I’m sure some of you can relate!

Have you used Bookswap before?

If not, what do you do with your old books?

Let me know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Time To Bookswap!

  1. To be honest, I would hate to share my books, it is my bad habit I keep on re-reading a book even if I have read it 10 times. It feels that I can’t get enough of that certain book. But it must be a really good idea for people who get bored by re-reading. Great post🤩🤩

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