Strange(r) Conversations #1 – Creative Writing Series

I’d like to introduce my new blog series: Strange(r) Conversations!

I was inspired when I took a walk recently, realising how much I’ve missed being out of lockdown and seeing other people, even if not speaking to them, and how you can pick up the most interesting and out of context dialogue simply from walking past people mid-conversation. And I thought – why not start writing about it?

I used to share a lot of creative writing on this blog, and then I stopped for a while, focusing a little more on book reviews and lifestyle content. So, it’s making a comeback.

Can you guess what inspired this short flash fiction piece? (Reveal at the bottom of this post!)

Wish There’d Been More For Me

He remembered the time he would sit there, hair slicked back with that greasy old hair gel – the kind that got forgotten about. His feet would tap tap tap away at the base of the opposite booth, his arms stretched across the table to mark his territory. But his head hung low, drained.

“Omelette, sir.”

The waitress with kind eyes would place the plate on the table and he’d think, oh that’s awfully nice of her, that nice waitress with the kind eyes. But that’s the thing about waitresses – they’re all nice and they all have kind eyes if that’s who they choose to be. He wasn’t any different from any other customer. Tap tap tapping away at the base of the booth. At his thoughts. As the omelette dropped into his hollow stomach.

And he’d leave with the chime of the bell like he did every week because you can’t leave without it. And the wind would dare break his hair slicked back with that greasy old hair gel but it was too strong. He was too strong. He told himself that as he trudged down the road leading endlessly down the side length of the weeping forest.

I just wish there’d been more for me, he thought.

He was thinking about the food. The menu. The combinations of plates that could have been slung in front of him. But it was more than that.

He pushed a hand through his hair. Not that he needed to. Not that he really needed to do anything, but walk on.

The overheard conversation that inspired this piece:

I was walking past a park where a guy on a picnic mat was telling his friends:

“Restaurants have definitely got better at serving vegetarian food. You used to go to restaurants and ask for vegetarian food and they’d be like “oh do you want an omelette?” But now they’re really good.”

I hope you enjoyed reading the first post in my new series.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or even share your own short creative writing piece using the same prompt!

2 thoughts on “Strange(r) Conversations #1 – Creative Writing Series

  1. This is a brilliant flash fiction piece. Just long enough to capture the beauty of the moment, and short enough to hold the attention the entire time. Thank you for sharing it. 💛

    If my mind deigns to think up a piece using that same prompt I shall return to share it.

    Liked by 1 person

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