How Niraj And I Became Friends Through Blogging! [Blog Collab]

Today’s post is going to be a little different from usual, as I’ve been working on a blog collab with Niraj from Niraj’s Blogs!

When I first started blogging years ago, I was initially drawn to the friendliness of the community, but I didn’t expect to make genuine friendships through it at all. A while back, just after we’d graduated, Niraj sent me a spontaneous email and we got chatting about blogging and university. Since then, we’ve met up in London a couple times and become really good friends, continuing to share our blogging goals and life goals too. We thought this post would be a great way to share how blogging played a huge part in our friendship, and the power of the lovely WordPress community too!

As a heads up: this post was written between the two of us, so you can find the exact same one over on Niraj’s blog, which you should go check out over here!

We first spoke in about July time last year, just after we both finished our university degrees. We were both already familiar with each other’s blogs, having read them beforehand, so that was a good starting point for our discussions.

As expected, we initially bonded over our common interest in blogging. It’s not something a lot of people have as a hobby, so we really enjoyed sharing our passion for blogging with someone just as enthusiastic. Although we both write on completely different topics, and have different goals for ourselves, blogging is something we both really care about and it was so motivating and inspiring to be able to share our blog ideas and goals with one another. Naturally, this helped us both with our confidence in our writing too.

However, what became apparent from very early on was that although the blogging conversations would continue, we also began to talk about other things such as our university experiences. This led to us both becoming friends where we could confide in one another about our worries, rather than just talking about blogging. As a result, we began supporting each other not only in blogging, but in our individual journeys of self-development too.

When we realised we both lived in the South East, we decided to meet up in Central London, once in October of last year, and once in April of this year. Both times we explored different places in Central London, such as Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge. We enjoyed embracing a change of environment and escaping our everyday routines, especially during the times of remote working and staying at home.

Since we both have a growth mindset and enjoy reflecting on things, meeting up in Central London, where there is a lot of nature and good views gave us the perfect chance to catch up and reflect on how things have gone. Whilst nature gives that element of space to breathe and sit in the air of your own thoughts, equally having someone there to listen and support is just as crucial. These moments certainly helped strengthen our friendship, as face to face interaction makes it easier to open up to each other and beats video call any day!

Overall, blogging is a continuous journey and you never know what is around the corner or who you’ll meet along the way. Perhaps you can relate to finding an unexpected friendship, or meeting your blogger friend in person for the first time. It’s a really rewarding and fulfilling experience.

The beautiful, sunny view in Trafalgar Square!

We hope you enjoyed reading this post and got to know us a little bit better.

We’d love to know if you’ve had a similar experience – did you also meet a friend through blogging?

Let us know in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “How Niraj And I Became Friends Through Blogging! [Blog Collab]

  1. I’ve really enjoyed being able to connect with people from around the world who share similar ethos about the world and how to travel through it. Like yours, this connection was initially built around blogging and what we write about, but when engaging in deeper conversation I have found myself uplifted by the joy in these friendships. 🙂

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