Neck Deep Concert!

So last night I went to see Neck Deep in concert!! To give you context, I found out they were playing at my uni before I had even arrived, but I had to get tickets because I’ve never seen them live before and they’re one of my favourite bands (if not my favourite). The thing about concerts is it’s such an ‘in the moment’ thing and despite wanting to enjoy it at the time, I also like to look back on things. So I’ve decided to write a blog post to remind me of everything that happened that I haven’t necessarily captured on camera.

First, going to the concert involved dragging one of my friends along because unfortunately I don’t actually know anyone who likes the band. But thank you to Life of an Introvert for going with me even though it’s not your kind of music, like I genuinely really appreciate it!

Signings, badge and wristband!

We turned up at the venue at around 5ish because as part of my early birthday present I got tickets for the pre-show exclusives. This meant eating really early and then trying to put on “soundcheck club” wristbands which took me way longer than it should have done. We also got given these badges as well which I wasn’t expecting at all! After waiting for a bit with around 20-30 other people, we then went into the venue and got to listen to the soundcheck! It was really weird there being such few people but it was really relaxed and then a few people asked some questions. Afterwards we got a chance to get something signed from the band and then a photo with them which was really cool!


We then had to wait around for a bit before the actual show and I was slightly freezing but hey. Eventually we got to go inside and we got a place right at the front left which was cool. The first support act was a band called Woes who I’ve never listened to before but they were actually really good and I’ll definitely be checking out their music. Then Real Friends and As It Is performed who are two bands I love so I was hyped that they were chosen to perform at the same concert!

Main show!

Before Neck Deep came on to perform, a white curtain was put across the stage whilst they set it up which was a bit mysterious but then the excitement kicked in when you could hear them coming onto the stage and the lights started flashing frantically. A concert in general is quite a hard thing to describe because you have to be there to really feel it, but it was so good being around a load of people who love the same music as you and just jumping and singing along with everyone. At one point it got a bit wild and a load of us fell into a pile and I literally almost got trampled on, but apart from that it was all good and I survived! And they played a variety of songs from all of their albums so there was a good mixture, including my favourites of the new album: Motion Sickness, Don’t Wait and The Grand Delusion. I don’t remember exactly what happened but at one point someone threw Maoam’s at the stage and then either Ben or Fil (wow my memory is so bad) threw back the apple ones because they didn’t like them apparently.



As you get at most concerts, there was then an encore at the end. There were flashing signs at the centre stage saying “Fuck Neck Deep” whilst the band were offstage and the crowd started shouting it – apparently we were the only ones so far to do that on the tour which was kind of surprising. They then, of course, returned for the final two songs! It ended with confetti thrown from the ceiling and I’m glad I got a photo of this because it looks really cool!



Overall, I had such a great night and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be at a concert that good again, seeing as 3 of my favourite bands were there! Due to being near the front, I am slightly deaf but hopefully that’ll die down (without me going with it) and I can listen back to all the videos properly.

Have any of you been to a concert recently? How was it?


The Peace and the Panic – Neck Deep [Album Review]

Image result for neck deep the peace and the panic

So on the 18th of August, Neck Deep released their new album ‘The Peace and the Panic” and it’s literally my favourite thing right now! I’ve been listening to them as a band for about two years now and whilst their new album has been criticised as being ‘more pop than punk’ compared to their previous album “Life’s Not Out to Get You”, I still love it just as much. Here I will be leaving my thoughts on each song with maybe a few lyrics. Let me know if you’re also a fan! 🙂

Motion Sickness

This is probably one of my favourites from the album! It didn’t take long to learn the lyrics (though I did listen to it a couple hundred times on repeat). From the initial guitar riff, it’s just ridiculously catchy and it puts me in such a good mood listening to this song!


Happy Judgement Day

Here’s a bit of political singing for you! Whilst some may say this song is a bit unoriginal, I completely disagree; I absolutely love the guitar riff in this! And the moment when they scream “come on!!” about 3/4 way through – gotta love it.


The Grand Delusion

This is also one of my favourites from the album! To be honest, I’m pretty obsessed with the bridge of this song (starts at around 2:05) because I just love the way Ben almost screams it and the lyrics are relatable:

All eyes on me
But that’s not reality
Cause my mind plays tricks on me
Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me
Crawling up the walls
Caving as they are caving in
Claustrophobic in my own skin
From holding it all in



I love this song, especially when the chorus of the song kicks in! And I love when they sing a stripped back version of the chorus later on in the song, before repeating it heavier again.


In Bloom

Ahh I love how the opening of this song is so mellow and the lyrics are just so great:

Sometimes at night I let it get to me
And sometimes I’m sure it gets to all of us
And last night it had me down and feeling numb
I can try but sometimes that is not enough

No sometimes that is not enough
No sometimes that is not enough


Don’t Wait (feat. Sam Carter)

This song is so good I can’t even! With the appearance of Sam Carter, it really gives Neck Deep a heavier vibe and I absolutely love it!


Critical Mistake

If I’m honest, I don’t really like this song nearly as much as all the others. It just feels a bit bland in comparison but maybe it’ll grow on me. The guitar also reminds me a lot of the song “Bail me Out” by All Time Low – not in a bad way of course, but the resemblance is so similar it’s insane.


Wish you were Here

I love a bit of sad acoustic songs to match the heavier stuff, and this song definitely fills that position and more. With the verses written by Fil about lost friends over the years and the chorus staged around the loss of Ben’s Dad, it’s quite a heavy song although soft.


Heavy Lies

This was a song that took a bit to grow on me but I really like it now, especially 2:05 onwards when it quietens and then kicks in a bit more. It also gives off a lot of State Champs vibes in the verses.


19 Seventy Sumthin’

Another acoustic song! Because you can’t have enough of them really. At first, this song sounds fairly jolly, reminiscent of Ben’s parents and their love, however the song is ultimately about the loss of his father. Listen to 2:30 onwards if you wanna cry because trust me you will.


Where Do We Go When We Go

And here we come to the last song of the album. This song kind of incorporates the classic neck deep and I love that they’ve taken a nursery rhyme (“Rain Rain Go Away”) and twisted it to their own lyrics, like who else could pull that off?! It’s just great.

Pain, pain go away, come back another day
I just wanna get one up on life before it kills me


To Conclude

So overall, I absolutely love this album and if I could only listen to one band for the rest of my life it would probably actually be Neck Deep. I’m going to see them in concert in October which I’m absolutely hyyyypedd for and can I just say that they always get their album artwork on point like really it’s so cool.

Daughter [Music Review]

Daughter is a band that I’ve known of for years but never properly listened to. I think sometimes when you hear an artist is of a certain genre or style you kind of assume whether you will like it before actually listening. However recently I’m trying to be more open with listening to different styles.

As you already know if you’ve read my blog, I predominantly listen to pop punk and post-hardcore. I play the clarinet and the piano so I also like classical music and I love acoustic songs in general – they’re just great. Daughter is kind of a mixture between all of these I would say. They may not sound remotely close to punk or rock but their lyrics are certainly devised of the same emotional proportion and meaning. And in terms of sound, they have a kind of relaxing-classical-film-music vibe to them, if you were to take away the lyrics and listen purely as a stripped back piece of music. I think this is how – despite being an indie band far from my usual taste – they have somehow made itself onto my iPod. And I really think that’s great – to have something different for a change.

Whilst Daughter have a few more upbeat songs, I definitely prefer the more mellow ones. I kind of feel like it’s the type of music that would be perfect to listen to at night in a car or whilst walking in the rain (which I actually did the other day and it was really atmospheric!)

I just wanted to share a few of my favourite songs of theirs below with some words on each:


This is the first song I listened to by Daughter and I instantly really liked the vibe to it. I love how the title “NUMB-ers” corresponds with the lyric “I feel NUMB”.


Made of Stone

This one is really relaxing but also the concept of being “made of stone” I find to be really interesting – moments where things feel so wrapped up in your head you bottle feelings until they can no longer be felt. And the fear that maybe they won’t come back.


Doing the Right Thing

This song is from the perspective of someone suffering from Alzheimer’s and so it has really become something quite personal to me as my granny used to suffer from it. The concept of “losing children” and “losing love” merely within one’s mind, despite them being physically there, is just something so awful; having to sit in front of a television and none of it soaking in because there’s a limit to the capacity of remembering; the cyclical structure of everyday replaying knowing there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. And I think this song really captures this moment perfectly.



I think of all the songs mentioned here, Smother has the saddest undertone – it just feels so raw; full and yet completely void of emotions simultaneously. But I absolutely love it for this and it’s possibly my favourite of the list.



This song is equally as relaxing but I love the echoing of drums almost like a heartbeat in the background – irregular, just like the emotions expressed. There is quite a dragged out sound to Touch which I really like – the idea of having to impatiently wait to “feel something” – and this is reinforced with the lengthened end even after the singing has ceased.



I love the build up on this song – from the initial sombre start to the introduction of the drums on the second verse. It fluctuates a lot between these two different modes and so whilst you can appreciate the light strumming of guitar chords, you also feel the intense emotions, just as any other human being who finds themselves within changing moods.


Daughter have a new album that is being released later this year for a video game so I am interested in hearing what that will sound like, but for now I hope this was something a bit different to listen to on my blog. Let me know if you’re also a fan 🙂

Album of the Week: Adornment by Grayscale

Okay so I was scrolling through YouTube a week ago and came across this band called Grayscale and oh my god what have I done; I have been listening to this band on repeat ever since. They’re just so good.

If you’ve read some of my music posts before, you already know I’m a massive fan of pop punk but this band definitely takes a different approach to it than most of the bands I listen to. I think it’s somewhat more toned down and yet at the same it has just as much feeling. I thought I’d share a few of my favourite songs from it, from the beautiful acoustics of “Forever Yours” to the old style of “If I Ever See You Again”. “Fever Dream”, however, is probably my favourite from the album. Enjoy!


Okay I won’t overload you with any more! But definitely check them out because they’re so great. And can I just say the album artwork is amazing!? If it wasn’t that good I don’t think I would have been drawn to click on it.

Let me know if you guys have found any cool music lately!

New Music!!

I am so hyped because loads of bands are releasing albums this year and I literally can’t wait, so I thought I’d share some that I am looking forward to!

1. Neck Deep

So yesterday Neck Deep released two new songs for their upcoming album “The Peace and the Panic” which was so exciting I can’t even. The first song is “Where do we go when we go”. I love how this song takes a twist on the well-known nursery rhyme to formulate their own stance on the lyrics – plus it’s ridiculously catchy and I’ve been singing it ever since it came out. The second one is “Happy Judgement Day”. This song has lyrics that are really relatable at the moment in terms of modern day politics and different viewpoints. I love the guitar riff in this so much!

2. Arcane Roots

These guys also released new music yesterday! I’ve been listening to their song “Curtains” for a while because it’s honestly such a great song with an amazing build up, but yesterday they released “Matter” and I also really like this song too!

3. Broadside

Broadside have released two new songs recently for their album “Paradise” that is coming out in June! “Puzzle Pieces” and “Hidden Colours” are both great songs but I love the former slightly more – I think it’s cool how the vocalist Oli directed the music video himself. So I’m also extremely hyped for this album which will most definitely help me get through exams.

4. Fort Hope

Coincidentally, Fort Hope’s album “The Flood Flowers Vol 1” is being released on the same day as Broadside’s (so much good music omg help) and I’m currently obsessed with their song “The People of the Lake” because it’s one of those songs where you literally can’t sit still; you have to join in whether its tapping the beat or full on belting it out.


At the beginning of May, PVRIS released their new song “Heaven” and it’s so good! I love the art and everything that has gone into the music video and I’m really excited to hear the other songs on their upcoming album “All we know of Heaven, All we need of Hell”.


So these are the albums so far that I’m hyped for! I swear if any more of my favourite bands drop an album on me I’m gonna cry of happiness. If you like any of these bands too, please leave a comment; I’d love to talk about them! If not, what releases are you looking forward to this year?


Song of the Week – ‘I Am’ by Hands like Houses

“You’re one of a thousand voices / In my head that all just sound the same.”

After I discovered their album ‘Dissonants’ roughly a year ago, Hands like Houses became undoubtedly one of my favourite bands. Since then, their album has had over 1000 listens on my iPod and I don’t think I could ever get bored of it!

So this week I’ve chosen the first song on their record: ‘I Am’. Whilst there are so many songs I could have chosen, I chose this one because it’s the first song I heard by them. I think it gives a general impression of what they’re about as a band, as well as their sound, and it’s definitely one of my favourites on the album because of it.

So here it is!

Song of the Week – ‘Equals’ Soundtrack

I thought that this week I would choose a soundtrack as my song of the week. ‘Equals’ is a film I’ve recently watched and has come to be one of my favourite movies. However the fact that it is surrounded by music as brilliant as this is what makes it so good.

This track has an almost haunting quality to it; the kind of music where you can put in earphones and listen to it on a walk or whilst sitting in the car and you feel so closed off from the world and everything in it and yet you see everything all at once. I feel like it has so much emotion in it which I think is enhanced if you’ve also seen the movie and know the final scene in which it is played.

Unfortunately this wonderful piece of music has not been released and is therefore not available to purchase 😦 however I have listened to it many times on youtube and it is the perfect song for relaxing and to calm you down.


You can also read my film review on ‘Equals’ here.