A Film A Day For A Week

Due to having finished all my lectures and seminars now, as well as all my coursework, I now have a lot more free time, which can only mean one thing – more TV. I aimed to watch a film a day last week and I thought I would share with you what I thought of them (and perhaps encourage you to watch them too, or to tell me what you thought if you already have). If you have any recommendations for me, based on these films, then they are also welcome!


Image result for i don't feel at home in this world anymore

Monday – I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore [Netflix]

This film instantly captured my attention from the title. I don’t know, maybe because I related to it in some way. I watched the trailer and remember not being entirely compelled to watch it, however a few weeks later I decided to give it a shot. It’s actually really good. It’s worth it just for the last half hour where it gets so intense and everything seems to happen all at once. I won’t give it away but watch to find out!

Tuesday – The Nice Guys [Netflix]

I’ve been meaning to see this film for a while because a) my brother recommended it and b) it’s really well known for how good it is (well, it was on a buzzfeed quiz about how many top movies you’ve watched, so it must be pretty decent, right?) And it was decent! It was really good because although not a typical comedy, it had funny parts and I liked the mix of laughs with action and mystery. Always a good combo.

Wednesday – Yes Man [Prime]Image result for yes man

Another movie my brother recommended and I really enjoyed it! It’s about a man who decides to say yes to everything, after realising that he misses out on many opportunities from saying no. Despite being a comedy, it actually has a meaningful message, because it’s true that new opportunities are never open to you unless you take the risk and say “yes”, even when you don’t want to. There are many times I’ve almost said no to things, changed my mind, and ended up enjoying myself. There are also many times I have said no and regretted it. But that’s life. I think what’s most important though is to not say no to everything. This film was such a light-hearted way of getting this message across.

Thursday – Self/less [Netflix]Image result for selfless movie

Okay so this film has awful reviews, but I literally don’t understand because I thought it was amazing! I just love the whole concept of it – the idea that instead of dying your consciousness can be transferred to a younger body to live on. I thought there were some great twists and I loved the ending. It’s 100% underrated. You gotta believe me, watch, and see for yourself.

Friday – Friends from College [Netflix]Image result for friends from college

Okay so technically this is a TV series not a film and I watched it over a few days not all in one, but I was out Friday night so didn’t get round to watching a movie. It is, however, such a good series. The friends are all complete idiots but it’s so funny and also really addictive. I wish there were more than only 7 episodes, but that gives you an excuse to binge watch it because it will only take less than a day.

Saturday – The Kissing Booth [Netflix]

I thought this film was going to be really bad based on the reviews I read but it surprised me! Okay it’s not the greatest film ever but it’s nice as a fun light-hearted movie to watch when you don’t really want to think much.

Sunday – ??

Okay so I was doing really well until it got to Sunday…and I didn’t watch a film or finish any TV show (this post has become such a let down). However, the second season of 13 reasons why came out on Friday and I’ve been watching multiple episodes of that so technically that’s an alternative to a film?? I’m just going to pretend it is because I don’t want to waste this entire post.


I hope this was a vaguely interesting post and that you have some good recommendations to watch too! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Analysing Album Covers [#6 Grayscale]

I’m not actually sure how long I’m going to continue this series but I thought I might as well keep going for the time being! If you want to check out the previous bands covered you can follow the links here: Neck Deep, Waterparks, Movements, As It Is and Knuckle PuckImage result for grayscale adornment

This time I’ll be analysing Grayscale’s album ‘Adornment’ which I think is one of the most unique covers of them all. On first glance you don’t really notice that it’s actually a head floating in the water but I love how it’s disguised as a piece of land. I think it’s been created this way to show the ways in which we hide ourselves from our pain. The man here is drowning in water and yet he puts on this front that everything is okay, that he is making a home out of his life (or his head, literally) even though he’s struggling. He’s invested in sunglasses to protect him from the light – a minor problem – but he won’t invest in sorting out his major problem – the fact that he’s almost drowning and doing absolutely nothing about it. As crazy as it sounds, I actually really relate to this. I often ignore all my major problems and like to focus on other things that don’t matter as much instead. I’m starting to emerge from those waters now though and actually face things head on which is definitely a good thing. Don’t be this dude making an island of himself in a shore no one can reach. You’re a lot more important than that. 

As It Is – The Wounded World [Song Review]

The band As It Is announced their new album ‘The Great Depression’ a few days ago, about the societal romanticisation of depression and aiming to destigmatise this. Being mental health awareness week, this is such a great time to start putting this view in place and I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of the album – whether I like the music or not, because I think the lyrics will be what are most important.

I do, however, absolutely love the first single they’ve released! It’s called ‘The Wounded World’ and Patty has gone all out and dyed his hair black for the cause. I love the repetitive echoes of ‘we’re all to blame for the wounded world’ that frame the song and 2:18 is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. You have to listen. I am actually obsessed. There is also a lyric that I particularly wanted to share because I think it holds an important message:

‘You can’t pull back the trigger and then point the same finger.’ 

For me, it seems this line is calling those out who dare to pull the trigger on people (manipulate, bully, harrass, whatever it may be), and then blame someone else for their own actions. And I think this is so important when it comes to mental health, because part of what affects someone’s mental wellbeing is when people can’t take responsibility for their actions and instead lead others into a world of lies and deceit. I love the way Patty screams these lines because it really gets the anger across at those who do this and to remind them that it really does hurt the victim. Pointing that finger at someone else might as well be equivalent to pulling back the trigger and actually releasing it.

I’ve been a fan of As It Is since their album ‘Never Happy Ever After’, but with their following album ‘okay.’ they took on a more pop-py vibe and I didn’t like it as much (with a few exceptions such as Austen, Soap and No Way Out). However, if ‘The Wounded World’ is anything to go by, their new album could be going into a harder direction and I’m totally loving it!

I’ll leave the link to the song below. If you’re fan of pop punk, you’ve 100% got to check it out! If not, give it a listen anyway simply for the lyrics more than anything.


the world. [flash-fiction]


Sometimes the world goes running round and crawling back to you. It’s as if you’re holding the whole globe on your pinky finger. Sometimes it tilts to the side and you’re sure it’s going to fall. Sometimes it balances so perfectly you squint your eyes to find out where it will go wrong. But sometimes we just need to sit back and appreciate it. It may dare to fall or it may spin in perfect succession but what matters most is that it is there and standing. Just like you. So trust the world to move about a bit. Trust yourself to push the world to its limits because you will always survive it. The world won’t let you fall that easily.


Relieving Anxiety, Improving Sleep and Opening Up

This post is going to be a lot different to what I normally share but I think it’s time for a bit of positivity and self-help. I’ve really been trying to put myself in a better space lately and so I wanted to share a few things I’ve started doing to help relieve anxiety, improve sleep and strengthen relationships.

Image result for meditation
One day I will find a place as nice as this to meditate…

1. Meditation 

I’m so inconsistent when it comes to meditating. Often I will go through phases of doing it a lot and then it’ll die down again. The great thing about it is that you can pick it up again whenever you want, especially since there are a variety of apps you can try (I like using Headspace, Calm and Pacifica) and you can do it without any apps too. For someone who really struggles falling asleep at night because my head is constantly whirring with thoughts, meditation really does help. And it’s a lot more than just sitting there with your legs crossed repeating ‘Om’.

2. Yoga 

Before you convince me that you’re incapable, can I just say that I’m literally the most inflexible person ever, but that’s part of the reason why I’ve started doing yoga. I’ve downloaded this app called DailyYoga and I’m trying to do it every night at 10 before I go to sleep to tire me out and hopefully lessen the time it takes for me to fall asleep. Warning: DailyYoga has a 10 day beginners tour and it may say beginner but it is totally not for beginners. It is honestly so intense but I am really enjoying pushing myself so I’m continuing it regardless.

3. Brain Training

A friend introduced me to this brain training app called Peak and I’ve been trying to use it everyday to improve the concentration, focus, etc. of my brain. At the moment I’m not entirely sure it’s making much of a difference but I think it’s one of those things that takes time. Plus some of the games are actually quite fun and good for pushing yourself and taking a break from work.

4. Opening up to people

Image result for opening up to people
This is such an important reminder that you have choice in whether you do this alone.

This is not so much a physical thing, but something I honestly really struggle with is opening up about things. I’ve got so used to just not saying how I feel that I have to actually push myself to speak about these things rather than them just dropping out easily. I feel really bad about it because I have close friends that I’ve been too scared to tell about things when I know that they’d be supportive regardless. I have, however, broken this barrier recently and spoken to them about issues regarding anxiety etc. that I’ve been struggling with and I feel so much better for it. It also means they feel more comfortable sharing their own thoughts in return and I think this is a really important connection to make. I’m by no means close to sharing things with everyone, but knowing I have a few people there for me is what matters most.

5. Asking for help when you need it

This is another thing I’m so bad at. I’m really good at just ignoring things thinking they will just go away and inevitably making it worse when they don’t. I figured this out the hard way when I left my mental health for two years since I first felt anxious before actually seeking out a counsellor (which I only plucked up the courage to do a month or so ago). If I had gone in the first place, it perhaps wouldn’t have got so bad but it’s crazy how by keeping things to yourself you can convince yourself things are normal when they’re not. Now that I’ve actually asked for help I feel so much more comfortable also sharing my thoughts with other people and I’m really proud of myself for taking this step. Speaking out is so so important and I can’t even stress this enough.



If there is anyone else out there that also encounters similar problems – anxiety, trouble sleeping, opening up – then I really hope this list helps you out. Sometimes you just need a bit of a push in the right direction and I think for me to see something likeImage result for anxiety positivity this would have really motivated me to extend my boundaries so I hope it will help people out there too.

I also think that these things are really important during exam season, especially since stress levels rise. If you’re feeling the pressure, talk to your friends and your family. Open up to them and they can help you in the process.

Good luck to everyone and if you need someone to talk to, to rant to or for advice, you’re always welcome to contact me through the details on my about me page.

I hope you all have a wonderful day ❤

we’re all hanging from branches [rap/spoken word]

It’s mental health awareness this week and I thought I’d try something a little different by sharing a rap/spoken word with you all. I don’t normally write in this style so it’s hardly perfect but I wanted to share the message most importantly – that even if someone looks okay on the outside it doesn’t mean that they are. I’ll be sharing another blog post sometime this week tackling anxiety more positively and ways in which you can help yourself, but for now, here’s a few words.


I know I look like I’ve got it

and I play by the rules

but most of the time

I’ve stopped caring

playing pretend

so I don’t fall

and I look like I’ve got routine mastered

proper meals no complaints

but I have to push myself to get up

in the morning so I’m not late


if I’m late once then that’s

me out of practice

and I’ll start skipping the world

to be home I wimp out of it

one moment chasing the sun

the next falling behind it

and sometimes I can’t seem to

open my eyes

shake myself out of it

this exhaustion

this anxiety

that aches in my core

I face it everyday and I’ve

done it before

so don’t be fooled

don’t be fooled that I’ve

got the hang of it

we’re all hanging from these branches

I just like to keep mine

apart from


Analysing Album Covers [#5 Knuckle Puck]

So far I’ve analysed album covers from Neck Deep, Waterparks, Movements and As It Is, so now for another popular band in pop punk, Knuckle Puck!Image result for copacetic knuckle puck

When I first came across this album, I had no idea what the word Copacetic meant. I guess I didn’t really question it until I heard the lyric “Everything’s copacetic” said so many times I thought, yeah I should probably google that. Turns out it means “in excellent order” but the lyrics surrounding are far from suggesting it’s true. Instead, the album’s title is ironic, playing on the way we pretend things are in excellent order when they’re not. It’s this constant convincing and reassuring ourselves that everything is fine but as the song ‘Untitled’ suggests in its long instrumental ending, eventually we realise the silence is too much.

This album cover is slightly more difficult to analyse because I feel like it’s not so obvious. The clock is the clearest in its relation to time and how this perhaps affects our mood when we leave our emotions repressed for too long. I feel like the glasses represent clouded vision and how it’s hard to treat ourselves with the same outlook that we give to other people, since often we don’t help ourselves as much as we should. I guess the dice is the lottery of pain. We roll the dice and we either feel great or we don’t and that luck is just part of life.  The frog and the flowers, however, are a bit more ambiguous. I initially saw the flowers as four leaf clovers at first, tying in with the idea of luck, but they’re not. But maybe, that’s the whole point. Maybe the point is that sometimes we see things in a certain way even though that’s not how they are. The frog could be this obstacle in our mind jumping to conclusions and causing conflictions to bounce around inside our heads. There’s so many different ways you could interpret this cover but that’s what I love so much about it.

What do you think?