All the Movies I Watched Last Year! (2019)


5 – one of my favourite films!

4 – great film – would watch again!

3 – good film – would maybe watch again for fun/lightheartedness

2 – pretty bad

1 – awful

0 – should not even be a film



Before I started this, I predicted I’d watch 75 films in 2019, but I actually watched 70 – very close!

(I updated this post throughout the entire year, so it took a lot of dedication! I think it was worth it to look back and reflect, but not sure I’ll do it again!)



1. Source Code (5/5 stars) – I loved the concept of this. It’s so much more than just one-of-those-films-where-they-repeat-the-same-day.

2. Cam (2/5 stars) – I watched this with a friend and we both thought it was weird and disturbing, although it didn’t fail to give suspense.

3. What We Do In The Shadows (4/5 stars) – This one is a comedy about vampires and it’s so funny!

4. Gattaca (5/5 stars) – This was such an amazing and thought-provoking dystopian. I can’t even put into words how much I recommend it. I instantly want to rewatch it and it’s up there with my favourite movies of all time.

5. Sixteen Candles (3/5 stars) – I really did want to give this 4 stars because it’s a classic, however I think it remains as a good, light-hearted film.

6. True Story (5/5 stars) – This film is so underrated and the way it’s filmed is visually incredible. I couldn’t take my attention off of it. It’s such an interesting and intriguing story that I’ll be thinking about for days.

7. Silence of the Lambs (4/5 stars) – I can’t believe it took me this long to watch this. I love the symbolism of the title and how it fits into the story.

8. Every Day (3/5 stars) – I read the book for this quite a few years ago so I was hyped about there being a film. Okay it may not be the best film ever created, but it was light-hearted and enjoyable and my expectations for it were never that high anyway.

9. Glass (4/5 stars) – This is a sequel to the films Unbreakable and Split. I’ve only seen the latter of these films (which I love) but I still really enjoyed Glass. The cinematography and the acting was amazing (especially by James McAvoy). I may have been slightly confused/alarmed by the ending, but only more reason to watch it again.

10. Paddington (4/5 stars) – Despite the fact that I couldn’t take this film seriously at first (it just made me laugh so much), this was such a great film!

11. Paddington 2 (4/5 stars) – I watched the 2nd one straight after watching the 1st and it was also so good, with such a cute ending!

12. Nocturnal Animals (4/5 stars) – I love the idea of a plot within a plot and the ways they intertwine. Although slow at times, this film hits deep.

13. Untouchable / The Intouchables (5/5 stars) – I rewatched this film because I love everything about it. Despite being about a handicapped man, the dialogue is surprisingly funny but also heart-warming. And the music by the pianist Einaudi is beautiful.

14. The Grand Budapest Hotel (4/5 stars) – I loved the aesthetic of this film – it was so pretty and had such a unique feel about it. It was also really funny.

15. The Breaker Upperers (3/5 stars) – This film was so random but pretty funny. Good if you want something light-hearted to watch!

16. When Harry Met Sally (4/5 stars) – This is another classic I somehow hadn’t seen yet! The ending was very predictable, but it was a great film. I found the whole debate of can a boy and girl be friends really interesting as a plot line.

17. Velvet Buzzsaw (3/5 stars) – This was a very strange but intriguing film. It felt like something was missing and that’s why I can’t give it 4 stars, but it has some unique shots and Jake Gyllenhaal’s acting is worth watching.

18. Legally Blonde (4/5 stars) – This is one of those films that is so bad and cringey that it’s actually good. I have to give it 4 because it surprisingly made me laugh (a lot).

19. Get Out (5/5 stars) – This film was absolutely insane. The characters were creepy as hell and it had such a dark but compelling vibe. Honestly one of the best films I’ve ever seen.

20. The Bucket List (4/5 stars) – I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this film before. It really got me thinking about how important life is and that we should take the chances to do the things we want to do, before it’s too late.

21. Adventureland (3/5 stars) – This film had a lot of familiar faces (Ryan Reynolds, Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg) and I liked it but I probably wouldn’t watch it again as it was kind of slow at parts.

22. Flipped (4/5 stars) – This was such a cute and heart-warming film following the connection between two kids who are neighbours. It had such a lovely nostalgic feel to it, the acting was surprisingly brilliant, and it also had a beautiful storyline.

23. I Am Not an Easy Man (5/5 stars) – This movie was insanely good. It’s about a man who walks into a lamppost and enters an alternate universe where, instead of the patriarchy, women are in charge. It was brilliantly executed and I’ll honestly be thinking about it for days.

24. Bee Movie (3/5 stars) – I knew this film was going to be odd and it was definitely very odd and I have a lot of questions. But it made me laugh though, so it deserves a 3.

25. Social Animals (4/5 stars) – This was a documentary film following the stories of 3 kids who became “famous” through Instagram and the struggles they faced. It was super interesting but also insane how social media can have such a huge effect on you as a person.

26. The Perfect Date (3/5 stars) – This was a fun light-hearted film to watch with friends but not really anything more than that.

27. Stranger than Fiction (4/5 stars) – I absolutely loved the plot of this – a writer pondering how to kill the character in her novel. Viewing the character as a real life person was a unique perspective and I was totally invested from the beginning.

28. Miseducation of Cameron Post (3/5 stars) – This film was about a girl who is sent to a Christian conversion camp because she doesn’t love who she’s “supposed” to. It’s so messed up and sad that people are treated this way. The film was really interesting though, despite the slowness at times.

29. Kung Fu Panda 2 (4/5 stars) – I didn’t think this film could be as good as the first one, but wow did it surpass my expectations! It was so sad and yet so happy and had such a beautiful storyline. I also loved the moral message to take away from it (which I won’t ruin).

30. Drive (4/5 stars) – This film was slow but immersive. There was a certain calmness to it and yet it was very intense. The tranquil music reminded me of the soundtrack in the film Equals.

31. Friends with Benefits (3/5 stars) – for what comes across as a really trashy film, this was actually so much better than I expected. It was surprisingly funny and had some deep moments.

32. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (3/5 stars) – From the same director as The Breakfast Club, this film had a lot of high expectations. Whilst it wasn’t as good, it was super funny and a laugh to watch.

33. Ex Machina (5/5 stars) – This film was actually insane!! Just when you think you know what’s going on, you realise you don’t. If you’re intrigued by a.i. you’ll be amazed by this film!

34. The Inbetweeners movie (3/5 stars) – how it’s taken me this long to watch this, I have no idea, but finally I have!

35. The Inbetweeners 2 (3/5 stars) – was just as good as the first! very funny

36. Eddie the Eagle (4/5 stars) – This film was so inspiring and proves that if you put your mind to anything, the impossible is possible.

37. Departures / Then Came You (3/5 stars) – This almost deserved 4 stars because it was actually a lot better than I thought. Predictable at times, but beautiful at heart.

38. Murder Mystery (3/5 stars) – It was weird seeing Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in a somewhat thriller of a film, whilst also embracing the comedy they’re known for, but it was a decent and fun movie.

39. The Departed (4/5 stars) – With a strong cast and such a powerful opening line, this film couldn’t go far wrong. You probably couldn’t predict all the intricacies of the ending if you tried. Only fault: kind of slow at times.

40. Get Out (5/5 stars) – I rewatched this with a friend and it only made me love it more! and I noticed more details the second time around.

41. The Package (3/5 stars) – I rewatched this film with a friend and it’s just so crazy and weird but funny.

42. Baby Driver (4/5 stars) – This was such an interesting and also unique action film about how bad things happen to good guys. Definitely worth a watch!

43. Someone Great (2/5 stars) – This wasn’t that great, despite the title. It was a nice friendship film but didn’t have much depth.

44. Swiped (3/5 stars) – It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be as some parts were surprisingly funny, but this was definitely one of those easy-to-watch-fun-to-watch-with-friends film

45. Toy Story 4 (4/5 stars) – I don’t even know if I’ve seen Toy Story 3 but regardless, this was such a cute and funny and heart-warming film. I loved that there were more adults than children in the cinema!

46. A Simple Favour (4/5 stars) – This was such a unique thriller that had comedy but also a really dark undertone. I’m a sucker for twists and this film had a LOT. The ending was slightly confusing but overall I thought it was great!

47. Beautiful Boy (5/5 stars) – I thought it would be weird watching Steve Carell in a serious role after seeing The Office but he was amazing in this, and so was the other lead. It was based on a true story about drug addiction and it was such a powerful and heart-breaking film.

48. In Bruges (4/5 stars) – This film was ridiculous and funny but also had a really brilliant storyline with great acting.

49. Safety not Guaranteed (3/5 stars) – This has a really unique and original storyline that had me hooked. There isn’t much point in watching it again but it’s good for a one time watch.

50. Happy Death Day (3/5 stars) – This horror flick had some surprising twists & turns! inspired by Groundhog Day, the main character relived a day in her life over and over.

51. Nanny McPhee (4/5 stars) – I was obsessed with this film as a child, so my housemates and I decided to rewatch it and relive our childhood – and it was just as good as we remembered!

52. The Theory of Everything (5/5 stars) – Such a beautifully crafted but equally heartbreaking film. unbelievable acting and I loved the music. it was an interesting insight into the life of Stephen Hawking – he really is such an admirable and influential human being.

53. Joker (5/5 stars) – I saw this one at the cinema and I can’t even put into words how amazing it was. Acting, cinematography, music, overall message – it was flawless.

54. Psycho (4/5 stars) – I watched this on Halloween thinking oh no this might be too scary but it actually wasn’t at all! was a great film though, with some interesting quotes.

55. Despicable Me 3 (4/5 stars) – Despicable Me never disappoints. Agnes is the cutest kid and the minions always make me laugh!

56. Dirty Dancing (3/5 stars) – First time I’ve actually seen it! It had a lovely feel-good vibe to it & it was great to finally have context to the dance lift.

57. The Upside (2/5 stars) – This is actually an American remake of the film Untouchable/The Intouchables. It wasn’t too bad but I absolutely love the original & this one just couldn’t live up to it!

58. I Origins (5/5 stars) – This was such an interesting film that set up a debate around the scientific vs spiritual view of life through a man’s fascination with eyes. I think this film will stay with me for a long time.

59. Taxi Driver (4/5 stars) – This was a slow but intense film about the alienation of a taxi driver in New York City. I feel like it’s one of those films that you either get or you don’t.

60. Midnight in Paris (4/5) – about a man who accidentally travels back in time to Paris in the 20’s and meets famous authors. It had such a lovely and inspiring vibe to it.

61. Megamind (4/5 stars) – This is actually such a good animated film with a surprisingly deep storyline, commenting on the mutual reliance of heroes and villains.

62. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (3/5 stars) – I almost wanted to give this 4 stars just because of nostalgia but damn this film is kind of dark for a kids film! Still good though.

63. Last Christmas (4/5 stars) – This was actually better than expected! It was funny and had such an unexpected and heart-warming plot twist that genuinely left me in shock.

64. The Knight before Christmas (1/5 stars) – This film was honestly soo bad. I wasn’t invested at all and didn’t care for the characters. The only reason I didn’t give it 0 was because it was mildly entertaining to laugh at it’s awful-ness with a friend.

65. Let It Snow (2/5 stars) – This film was so cringe and predictable. It was nice to watch as a one-off movie when I didn’t feel like thinking too much, but I wouldn’t watch it again.

66. I Lost My Body (5/5 stars) – This animated film about a hand, detached from its body, wandering the streets of Paris, was absolutely mesmerising. There was just something so deep and calm and thoughtful about it, whilst also plucking at the nervousness and grief and struggles of life simultaneously.

67. Love Actually (4/5 stars) – One of the best Christmas films! It’s both happy and sad and a lot of emotions at once, but it’s also real and is a genuine portrayal of a lot of different relationships and families.

68. Marriage Story (4/5 stars) – Real, raw, genuine, and amazing acting. It felt like watching in on someone’s life.

69. Jumanji 2 (3/5 stars) – It was very similar to the first film, but not sure I liked it as much. Was a lot of fun though!

70. Elf (4/5 stars) – Christmas classic. I normally watch this every year and it’s still just as funny!



What was the best film you watched in 2019?


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‘I Lost My Body’ [Film Review]

This animated film about a hand, detached from its body, wandering the streets of Paris, is absolutely mesmerising. It has such a seemingly weird and questionable concept – why is a hand the main character? how would that be an interesting story to follow? – but it is filled with intriguing symbolism. I found myself bizarrely attached to the story of this hand, as it did it’s very best to survive, whilst the flashbacks of the past revealed the life of the boy who once held that hand as his own.

There was just something so deep, calm and thoughtful about this film, whilst also plucking at the nervousness and grief and struggles of life simultaneously. The music was beautiful and the animation was simple yet touching. It seemed to express the world from all sorts of angles – birds eye, through mirrors, beneath the ground. It was one of those films you feel completely immersed in, and when you come out the other side you don’t really know how to live in the world anymore.

There was a particularly interesting use of symbolism in the role of a fly, who the boy as a child tried and attempted to catch on multiple occasions. But he never could get a grasp on it. He realised it was “impossible” – this far fetched ideal that couldn’t be obtained, and so he started to live his life passive to whatever life threw at him. He let the fly pass him with not so much as a flicker.

[spoilers ahead]

It isn’t until the end that we see that it isn’t impossible. The hand does it’s best to survive because it believes it’s owner needs it back, but he doesn’t. He does not need what he once had, what the past once gave him, to be complete. And jumping off that ledge, laughing into the night sky, he realises that anything is possible. We define our own fate. 

Have you watched a film recently that affected you deeply?

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