Trip to see Phantom of the Opera! (and Waterstones of course)

Today I took a trip into London to see Phantom of the Opera which was seriously cool! I love going to the theatre so this was something really fun to do over the summer (although it feels like winter with this weather).

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Phantom of the Opera has been in the theatres for a long time now and although I’d heard of it, I never really knew much about it. Andrew Lloyd Webber composed the music score and I really loved it! I recognised the main theme song so it was nice to hear something familiar, but I loved hearing the other songs too. The guy who played the Phantom was really exceptional I thought and suited the role well, however it is hard to fault any of the actors really! I love how they sing with so much expression.

I tried to predict the ending however I didn’t get it quite right – I won’t spoil it for any of you, just in case! But it was a really good show and I enjoyed watching it. There was even a little girl who screamed when one of the firework things were set off on stage so that was pretty entertaining in itself.


Before the show, I also took a trip to Waterstones because if you’re in Piccadilly Circus and you love books as much as I do, taking a trip into Waterstones is an absolute must. It has 5 floors which is literally insane and I found this really cool section full of stationary and notebooks and little gift-like things which is my new favourite place. I bought this cute book to the left in the attempt to practice some drawing, which is split into sections with a random object name for you to sketch.

So overall it was a pretty good day 🙂 How is everyone’s summer going?