across the waters. [poem]

I blow quietly

across the waters

waves of tea rippling across

the mug’s ocean, it’s mine.

it feels like I have power over

something more than I own

it is a release

to create peace

in a world beneath the surface.

I blow quietly

across the waters

and eventually it will all ripple away.

don’t hold yourself back. [poem]

thirtieth prompt: catharsis. I think this is a great way to end this month of poetry, since this blog has been my catharsis and the way I release my emotions and inner thoughts. I hope you all enjoyed my writing 😊

I feel it rise

and rise

and rise

in me

crawling up my spine

and falling out my mouth

emotions locked inside

now released

at peace


into the world

and for the first time in my life

I don’t hold myself back

when I was a young girl. [poem]

twenty sixth prompt: girlhood, boyhood.

I look back at when I was a young girl,

when a hood over life

kept the rain from falling

in my eyes.

I didn’t know what was really out there.

and I didn’t know that hoods don’t last forever.

now I can feel the rain

but I can also feel the sunshine

beating down on my head

like never before.

I live my life in extremes

extremes my girlhood never thought were possible.

take away the hood

and here I am.

when the party’s over. [poem]

twenty third prompt: when the party’s over.

when the party’s over

I will crawl into the space I call home

a shaking body beneath sheets

detached from the world

by the barrier of a duvet

and the barrier of a mind

that just won’t keep

the thoughts inside

I’m goi

ng cra


the walls fall

and the words fall with them

when the party’s over

I’ll clutch my chest

and tell myself that

all is fine

and you’d think I’d regret

that last drop of wine

but it kept me going

it kept me going

until it didn’t

it didn’t

and when it didn’t

I sunk into

a dark hole

do not carry more than you can hold. [poem]

twenty second prompt: nourishment. this one is about what it feels like to be an empath, drained by not only your own emotions but everyone else’s too. to be nourished is to not carry more than you can hold.

you consume all that you know –

the food of the people

and the emotions that leak out

from under their feet,

but you forget that inside

your stomach is full

and you can’t be nourished

when your insides are breaking

with the pain of others