5 Things I’m Grateful For This July (2021)

It may be a few days into August, but it’s never too late to look back on the previous month and think about what went well and what I really appreciated.

I’d love to hear what you’re feeling grateful for too, so feel free to share in the comments

Going Into The Work Office

Despite having started my job 6 months ago, I only properly went into the office to meet everyone and get my allocated desk this month! It was a really strange experience – one that I’m sure many others who have started jobs in the pandemic have faced – but I really enjoyed being there in person and it felt like everything sort of came together in my head in terms of work and people and getting that exposure to other areas of the business. Next month, I’ll be in the office full time and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all goes! [update: Iโ€™m really enjoying it and much prefer it to remote working!]

Time Away From My Phone

Now that we can make more plans to see people in the UK, I’ve really enjoyed getting out and about, from meeting friends for lunch or going out of my comfort zone to try clay pigeon shooting. It’s meant that I haven’t really felt the need to use my phone as much, because I’ve loved being in the present moment and appreciating the moment and company, rather than directing my energy towards the online world. It has, of course, meant I’ve fallen a little behind on blogging again, but I’m glad I haven’t let that stress me out. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and I know I’ll always fall back here when I do have a moment to write.

Welcoming A Hedgehog Family To Our Garden!

Earlier this month, we were sitting around just living life when suddenly we spotted a hedgehog in our garden. We’d never seen one previously, so it was a bit of a shock, but so lovely to see it scrambling about amongst the plants! It kept appearing at random times during the day, like at midday or 10 at night. Then, one evening, we realised it had a little baby trailing after it, and there was another adult hedgehog too, so now we have 3! It’s funny how such small, little creatures like this can bring a lot of unexpected joy and excitement, and it’s been really fun spotting them at any given opportunity. Next mission it to try and give them some hedgehog food!

Going To A Baking Class

This month I finally used my Christmas voucher to go to a baking class! Since starting a new job and lockdown easing, I haven’t given much time to cooking/baking outside of evening meals, so it was really nice to have dedicated time towards it. I could suggest 2 options to bake, so I thought I’d pick something a little different to what I’ve made before. The first was chocolate eclairs, because they’re one of my favourite desserts. The second was cinnamon buns. It was a really enjoyable day and so nice to take so many baked goods home! I’m really grateful for such a great Christmas present and that the lady who ran the class put together those personalised recipes for us to make. I’m looking forward to making them again.

Treated Myself To Some New Books!

Although I’ve definitely done less reading this month than usual, since things have been busier, I did treat myself to some new books using my Waterstones voucher which is always exciting. I bought Becoming by Michelle Obama, as I’ve heard many great things about it, but this one was bought on more of a whim, which is sometimes the best way! I also got The Courage to be Disliked, which is set out like a play as it is an interesting philosophical discussion. I don’t normally buy hardbacks, but my favourite author Matt Haig released his new book The Comfort Book, so I decided to go for it and buy the signed hardback edition of that too, which I totally don’t regret because I’m reading a page or two every morning and it’s great inspiration and motivation for the day ahead.

What are you grateful for this month?

Let me know in the comments below.


7 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Grateful For This July (2021)

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely month–spending quality time with friends, the hedgehog appearances, new books to read, baking. I agree with Juliette, sounds like so much fun! Lately, I’ve been really grateful for being inspired to write and read regularly again. I hope this lasts for me! Like you, I think writing is something that I always fall back to.

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  2. Thank you for sharing what you are grateful for. Unexpected hedgehog family sounds wonderful. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    This month, a few months after August, I am grateful for sunshine to get out and about on the beach (and even a swim or two in the still cold water!) I’m also grateful for time with family, even via video chat, and the stories we were able to share. Thirdly, I am grateful for the opportunity to play music at church with a small but keen team of musicians, to share in worship with our congregation in person.

    Go well into the coming week!

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    • That sounds lovely, especially finding your own community at church – itโ€™s really nice when you have a group of people with the same common interest! Thank you for reading and commenting!

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