who am I without a name? [poem]

nineteenth prompt: without your name, who are you?

one day

like pen to paper

I put my mind to a blog

and I was more myself than I had ever been

even without a name.


500 followers!! ( + have your say in my future blog posts!)

I realised the other day that I was a few followers away from reaching 500 (insane or what?!). I always write a post whenever I reach a milestone of an extra 100 so I thought, what should I write about? And then I thought, what do you want me to write about?

I cannot thank you all enough for the support I get on this blog, especially since I’ve always written about what makes me happy, regardless of whether it is popular or not (which is something I always hope to stick by). But for a change, I want to write what you guys want.

If you’d like to take part, please leave a comment with something you would like to see me write about, whether that is a poem on a specific topic, my opinion on a particular matter or advice on something. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

anxiety in the mirror. [poem]

seventeenth prompt: body as friend (or foe). this is a kind of poem/spoken word/speech all mixed into one. it is important to remember that anyone can suffer, regardless of how they look, their background or how happy they seem.

you look in the mirror

at the shape of your hair

and your distant eyes

you memorise the way your spots connect

and the slight tilt of your smile

(that doesn’t quite feel real).

and you don’t feel like yourself.

you don’t look how you feel

and you don’t know how to feel.

your body acts as an enemy

that doesn’t suit your insides

so you feel like you’re not worthy

of feeling those emotions.

but that’s not true.

that’s not true.

your body should not stop you

from accepting your situation.

your body is your friend.

it’s all in my head. [poem]

sixteenth prompt: any dreams? this one was inspired by a disturbing dream I had lately, but hey, it created a poem I’m actually proud of so at least it was worth something.

it felt real but it didn’t

hands on my neck

the tight burst of my heart

and a zap to the head

the buzz of voices

and breath caught in my throat

words stuck in a fist

fists tied with a rope

I heard so many thoughts

yet heard nothing at all

I begged to run away

but I was the sale of the stall

I was given my worth

it did not matter they said

they knew it was all in my head

oh it’s all in my head