New Music!!

I am so hyped because loads of bands are releasing albums this year and I literally can’t wait, so I thought I’d share some that I am looking forward to!

1. Neck Deep

So yesterday Neck Deep released two new songs for their upcoming album “The Peace and the Panic” which was so exciting I can’t even. The first song is “Where do we go when we go”. I love how this song takes a twist on the well-known nursery rhyme to formulate their own stance on the lyrics – plus it’s ridiculously catchy and I’ve been singing it ever since it came out. The second one is “Happy Judgement Day”. This song has lyrics that are really relatable at the moment in terms of modern day politics and different viewpoints. I love the guitar riff in this so much!

2. Arcane Roots

These guys also released new music yesterday! I’ve been listening to their song “Curtains” for a while because it’s honestly such a great song with an amazing build up, but yesterday they released “Matter” and I also really like this song too!

3. Broadside

Broadside have released two new songs recently for their album “Paradise” that is coming out in June! “Puzzle Pieces” and “Hidden Colours” are both great songs but I love the former slightly more – I think it’s cool how the vocalist Oli directed the music video himself. So I’m also extremely hyped for this album which will most definitely help me get through exams.

4. Fort Hope

Coincidentally, Fort Hope’s album “The Flood Flowers Vol 1” is being released on the same day as Broadside’s (so much good music omg help) and I’m currently obsessed with their song “The People of the Lake” because it’s one of those songs where you literally can’t sit still; you have to join in whether its tapping the beat or full on belting it out.


At the beginning of May, PVRIS released their new song “Heaven” and it’s so good! I love the art and everything that has gone into the music video and I’m really excited to hear the other songs on their upcoming album “All we know of Heaven, All we need of Hell”.


So these are the albums so far that I’m hyped for! I swear if any more of my favourite bands drop an album on me I’m gonna cry of happiness. If you like any of these bands too, please leave a comment; I’d love to talk about them! If not, what releases are you looking forward to this year?


wolf-heart. [poem]

he asked me

“what is it like to have a

wolf heart?”

and I told him that it meant I was


that I was trapped inside

a howling beast

that kept me awake

long after the sun had



he asked me

“what is it like to have a

wolf heart?”

and I told him

that my heart was just


that it shook my body

and tore my insides

and it’s been a while since I

had control.


he asked me

“what is it like to have a

wolf heart?”

and I told him

I wished he’d never know,

but it was only many moons later

that I saw his reflection in the


and the wolves were

calling his name.


I wish I didn’t have a

wolf heart.

I wish he never got one


but the night claimed our souls

just as life

claims us all

and sometimes

it’s all you can do.

200 Followers!! + answers to my Q&A

First of all, I’ve reached 200 followers!! I literally can’t believe it and it’s so weird to think that 200 of you have knowingly wanted to read my blog which in some sense is my entire being on a screen.

Secondly, below are the answers to the Q&A which I started as a result of me reaching my first blogging anniversary! So here goess…

Lia’s Questions:

What is your opinion on veganism?

Well as you know, I’m not vegan, however I have nothing against people who are. It must take a lot of strength to go against your natural instincts in favour of helping animals and that’s kind of admirable really. So go vegans! I’m sorry I’m not willing to join you xD

What is your opinion on litter?

When I first read this I thought of cat litter…yeah I have no idea why. I don’t know exactly what you mean by this question but if it’s in terms of whether I agree with people littering the streets then no, I do not agree. It literally takes two minutes to find a bin and put something in it.

What is your opinion on koalas?


What is your opinion on crocs with socks?

I wouldn’t call someone out on it but… no, ditch the socks xD I remember when I was younger and I had crocs my brother broke one of the pins and I got so upset. I obviously had my priorities straight.

What is your opinion on cats?

Seriously?! Of all people you should know the answer to this xD


The end.


Andy’s Questions:

What is your favourite poem?

My favourite poem is ‘Flies’ by Alice Oswald! I’ve written a post about why here.

Coffee or Tea?

Tea! I’m honestly not a fan of the taste of coffee

Myers Briggs Type?

INFJ woooo


Jay Alba’s Question:

Which Scooby member did you want to be, but who did you become?

I loved Scooby Doo – I watched it all the time! However I don’t actually remember which character I wanted to be and to be honest, I don’t remember much about their personalities. But instead of sounding like a complete cop out, I took a quiz instead to decide my fate. And the scooby character I have apparently become is: Shaggy.


the halfhazard wanderer’s Question:

If you’re trapped on a plane that lost one of its engines and is hurtling down to impending doom, what memory would you think of as your life flashes before your eyes? 

I’d like to think I’d remember a memory of a day where I just felt completely happy and relaxed, probably one which I spent with my friends where we went shopping and ate a load of chinese food and played monopoly. However realistically, I’d probably be panicking so much that my mind wouldn’t remember anything xD


thewalkofthought’s Questions:

What’s your opinion on how the world started?

This is a difficult one because I don’t think I really have a definitive view. However I think it probably just happened. One day it wasn’t there. Then a little spec appeared. Then the spec grew. And it became earth. But I don’t think we’ll ever really know.

What’s the weirdest dream you have ever had?

This is such an impossible question to answer because if you know me, you know that I have literally the strangest dreams. I had one where my hair turned green whenever the rain hit it. I had one about looking after chinese baby twins on a bouncy castle. I had one where people were being catapulted from a stage into a chocolate-filled theatre. It’s kind of safe to say I have a strange subconscious.

What would you do if you were invisible?

Hmm, this would be interesting. To be honest I’d just want to see what people I know are like when no one else is around. That’s probably such a boring answer but I feel like the most vulnerable and honest side to a person comes out when they’re alone and although that would kind of be like invading their privacy, I’d just want to know if they’re alright. Maybe behind closed doors they’re singing and smiling and that would be wonderful, but if they were upset I’d like to know so I could maybe do something to help.

Oh and on the less deep side, I’d also go to as many concerts as I can, because then I can enter for free and dance with no one watching.

What’s your favourite colour?


If you had to live in another country, what country would it be?

I don’t think I’d want to live in another country – I’m not one for a massive change – however if I had to pick I’d probably say Italy, because the food is amazing and it’s not too far from here.


Kali Borovic’s Questions:

What’s your favourite nail polish colour?

I used to wear nail polish all the time but for some reason I haven’t worn it in over a year. However if I were to paint my nails, it’d probably be pastel blue or aqua or something like that.

What’s your dream career?

To be a writer!

What is your opinion on posting multiple blog posts a day?

I can’t say I’ve ever tried this – posting one a week is pretty good going for me! However if you have the time and dedication, go for it! But don’t expect everyone to be the same.


outnaboutweb’s Question:

What did you struggle the most with on your blogging journey?

When I started my blog I didn’t really set any expectations of myself, like posting a certain amount a day or achieving a certain amount of followers – I kind of just did it for myself – and that meant that I didn’t really have many struggles. I guess sometimes it can be disheartening when you post something and no one reads it and that is sometimes a bit of a struggle, but then I remind myself that people are still out there, they’re just perhaps not feeling up to reading my stuff today.


wormalblog’s Questions:

What is your opinion on seafood?

To be honest I’m not a massive fan of seafood. I kind of tend to avoid it xD

What is your opinion on country music? rap? heavy metal?

When it comes to music I’m up for anything really. I have listened to country in the past – not gonna lie, I love Taylor Swift’s album “Fearless”. And I’ve recently got into Twenty One Pilots, although I’ve never been much of a fan of rap. I’ll listen to anything really but when it comes down to my own preferences, I’ll always choose pop punk or post-hardcore rock.

What would you name your future kids?

For some reason I love the name Colton for a boy and April for a girl. So that’s what I would choose. However I know there are probably going to be more considerations such as whether it goes with the surname or not. And if my future husband isn’t a fan of the names…well, I guess I might have to switch it around a bit. Maybe. If they’re lucky xD

What are some of your favourite blogs?

ahhh this is so difficult because there are so many blogs I love! Lia and thewalkofthoughts are two really great friends of mine so I guess if I had to recommend any blogs it would be theirs!

Wow this post took so long to put together! I hope I haven’t bored you all to death with my answers. Thanks again to all who asked me questions! I wasn’t expecting to get this many at all, but I had fun answering them 🙂




night. [poem]

eyes roll into moons

of the night.

over and over

we toss into realms

to claim

to try

to claim

the night.

as we switch our side

in hope to reach the

other side




our eyes are crescent

our voice is small

the quiet of sleep is

yet. to. exist. at. all.


my mind is running

and my body –



let me not see this darkness again.

Blogging Anniversary!! + ask me questions!

So it’s been a year today since I started blogging which is pretty insane!! I can’t believe it’s been that long and yet at the same time it feels like I’ve been blogging for years. I’ve definitely had no regrets starting this up – me still being here after a year says a lot in itself! – and I love having a place to share what I’m thinking that doesn’t come with the worry that accompanies it in real life.

To kind of celebrate this I guess, or just for fun, you are free to ask me a question along the lines of “What is your opinion on [insert subject]?” It can literally be anything – statements of debate; philosophical ideas or simply what food I like. And you can ask as many as you want. I will be posting the answers in about a week.

Thank you again to all of you who follow me! (and anyone else who has somehow stumbled onto this page). You’re all amazing 🙂

‘Flies’ by Alice Oswald [Poetry Review/Analysis]

After buying the anthology ‘Falling Awake’ a few months ago, Alice Oswald has definitely become one of my favourite writers. Poetry is something I’ve become fairly attached to – more so than I would have imagined seeing as I started off as purely a prose writer. Whilst poetry is also a lot quicker to produce and to read, I also find it pretty amazing that you can portray such an in depth message in so few words. Often I find poetry to be a lot more interactive because of this shorter structure; your mind can interpret the context and the rest of the story itself because not all of it is revealed. And I kind of love this mysterious element to it. We read to take away things but I also love to read to make up things and poetry, in my opinion, kind of amalgamates this.

Anyway, ‘Flies’ by Alice Oswald is my favourite poem and so I thought it’d be cool to write a review/analysis on it where I share my opinion on what I think it means and why I love it so much. I’d also like to know what you guys think so after reading the poem, please leave your thoughts below (unless you’re a hater of poetry in which case I have no idea why you’re still here).



This is the day the flies fall awake mid-sentence
and lie stunned on the windowsill shaking with speeches
only it isn’t speech it is trembling sections of puzzlement which
break off suddenly as if the questioner had been shot
this is one of those wordy days
when they drop from their winter quarters in the curtains and sizzle as they fall
feeling like old cigarette butts called back to life
blown from the surface of some charred world
and somehow their wings which are little more than flakes of dead skin
have carried them to this blackened disembodied question
what dirt shall we visit today?
what dirt shall we re-visit?
they lift their faces to the past and walk about a bit
trying out their broken thought-machines
coming back with their used-up words
there is such a horrible trapped buzzing wherever we fly
it’s going to be impossible to think clearly now until next winter
what should we
what dirt should we


Okay so the thing I love most about Alice Oswald’s writing is that it’s so metaphorical. And if you know me, you also know that I breath metaphors. All my writing is pretty much metaphorical and I think that’s why I have some sort of weird connection to any poetry that also seems to embrace this. I love the way that nothing is directly said and so you can apply your own meaning, which pretty much means that everybody is going to have a completely different perception of what is going on and I just find this really interesting.

To me, the flies are us. you. me. The poem kind of captures this sense of living or being haunted by the past, evident in ‘what dirt shall we visit?’ I kind of see the ‘window-sill’ as being the place of exposure; the transparent glass like a shield from the past – you’re safe from its direct effects and yet you’re still seen; you’re still visible. It’s this visibility that makes the past impossible to forget. You look into the past like you look out the window and you ‘fall awake mid-sentence’ because it prevents you from moving on with your present life.  The ‘curtains’ are reminiscent of a sense of comfort and yet falling from them enters into the realm of the past and a ‘charred world’.

From the way I read the poem, it seemed to me as if there was a recurring theme of being used up – ‘old cigarette butts’ and ‘dead skin’. The past is gone and yet it is claiming back life in what is meant to be used up – trying to create life in something already gone. I think that’s similar to the way we think sometimes – we look back on things we’ve said or done and we analyse them and wish we could have done things in a better way and yet it’s all useless, because it’s already used up, so why are we extracting non-existent energy from it?

And yet even though it’s clearly useless, we do it anyway. Sometimes it’s comforting to look back and this is evident through the questioning of ‘re-visit[ing]’ as if it is desired or is some sort of hobby – or maybe it just becomes an unstoppable habit. The ‘trapped buzzing’ is like this inescapable nature of what made us into who we are today but of which we ultimately see negatively – it’s all just ‘dirt’.

As a whole, I think this poem is so relatable; although we live in the present our minds are always partially trapped in the past and this poem definitely tries to embody this notion (and I think successfully at that). One of my favourite parts (although to be honest, the entire poem is my favourite part) is the last two lines. I love the way they’re set out as cut off sentences as if we become so consumed in the past we can’t even finish our life in the present. And I think it’s a reminder of how the ‘buzzing’ will perhaps always be there, but we can’t let it own us and make a possession out of our thoughts. Otherwise, we do become a fly with lost words and unfinished life sentences.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far! I think I can officially call myself an English student now that I’ve just analysed a poem for fun (I mean, who does that?! xD)

I’d love to know what you guys think about the poem so please leave your thoughts below, even if it’s to say you hate it! And maybe I’ll try a post like this again sometime 🙂

Where do you feel most Exposed? 

Have you ever felt like the whole of your soul in its entirety has been seen? As if in one particular moment someone could embody everything you feel and everything you’ve ever felt in perhaps even the simplest of tasks?

I don’t know about all of you, but blogging is definitely a way of opening up. It’s a form of exposure to yourself that perhaps no one else in your everyday life may see. So I thought it’d be interesting to discuss what makes you feel exposed, perhaps even outside of blogging – perhaps outside of direct speech but something of a more indirect nature.

For me, I feel most exposed either writing or playing the piano. These are my outlets and my way of expressing things that perhaps are laying knowingly on my conscious or unconsciously. I think a lot of the time people put up barriers around others and sometimes I think that no one really knows anyone which is quite sad but also comforting I guess? However I think indirectly these barriers can be let down. That’s definitely where music and writing lie in my life – music is kind of like my physical expression of emotions, instead of through facial expressions or everyday gestures, and then writing is like my mental and literary expression of emotions, instead of through simply talking. They’re my places to go when I have something itching to be felt or let out and I think whilst exposure is terrifying, these things are necessary sometimes to remind yourself of who you are and help with self-reflection, but also to simply de-stress.

Maybe you think I’m thinking too much about this – and maybe I am😂 But hey, I find it interesting and I’d generally like to know if I’m the only one who feels like this. Soo please feel free to comment and join in on feeling exposed (because sharing this post I suppose is kind of exposing my exposure in itself)