I can’t believe I’ve only just found the TV Time app?!

A few days I was introduced to the app TV Time and I actually can’t believe I’ve only just found it. As many of you know, I am a massive fan of films but also TV Shows. I’ve probably watched waaay too many over the years but it’s one of my favourite ways to escape the world into someone else’s life for a change.

Image result for tv time app

It probably seems like this is a sponsored post but it actually isn’t – I just genuinely love this app and wanted to share it with you all! Mostly because it’s such a good way to track all the TV shows you’ve seen, and where you are up to on the ones you most recently watch. You can also find out when new seasons are being released and on what channel/streaming platform. Through this, I managed to find out that Cuckoo is still an ongoing show?? (did not know this at all), that there’s been a new season of Casual on Amazon Prime for ages (how did I not notice??), and new seasons for lots of Netflix shows!

It’s pretty cool that you can also do quizzes, comment on recent episodes, and follow, chat and connect with other people that are interested in the same shows as you! After I’d spent ages trying to remember every show I’ve ever watched and putting it into the app, it told me that altogether I’ve spent 1 months, 23 days and 10 hours watching TV shows. Actually insane. But could be worse I guess.

So for those of you really into TV shows, this might be your kind of thing! And if it is, let me know your name and I’ll be sure to follow you! Or you can find me at alice134. It would be cool to talk to some of you!

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