Why You Should Choose Your Friends Wisely

I’ve found that the more I grow up, the more selective I am about friends. With less time on my hands and a stronger desire to connect with people on a deeper level, I mostly only pursue friendships that I think will become meaningful. I’d much rather have a few super close friends that I can share anything with, than a large group of surface-level friends. But choosing friends isn’t just about finding “your kind of person”, because friends actually have a greater influence on you than you think.

Has anyone ever told you that you have a similar mannerism to one of your friends? Or you start picking up your friend’s most used phrases? This has happened to me quite a few times, where I’ve noticed reflections of my friends in myself, and vice versa. It’s proof that whoever you surround yourself with has a direct impact on the way you react to the world.

Picking up a small phrase or mannerism doesn’t seem that significant, but if something so unique can easily be transferred between friends, then morals and attitude can easily be transferred too. In the most simplest sense, if your friend is super negative, that’s going to drag you down to a negative mindset as well. I’ve found that when I surround myself with positive and happy people, I start feeling their energy too. [I touched on this briefly in my Creating a good/positive aura blog post.]

I’ve learnt over the last few years that it’s so important to have friends that drive you to be a better person. I notice qualities in my friends – their ambition, their self-development, their confidence – and it inspires me to make those changes in my own life too. I feel like everyone in your life makes an appearance for a reason, but sometimes you have to choose who is worthwhile keeping – keeping toxicity in your life only prevents you from moving forward in your own.

I am so grateful to have friends who genuinely do motivate me to become my best self, but also challenge me to see and act beyond my means, as well as supporting me in whatever I do. It’s so rare to not only form but keep friends that really understand and care for you, and I feel really lucky in that sense.

So next time you’re out with your friends, ask yourself:

  • Am I inspired by them?
  • Do they bring out the best version of myself?
  • Do they motivate and encourage me to initiate positive change in my life?
  • Are they supportive of what I do?


Because if you surround yourself with people who you genuinely admire, you can’t help but achieve great things.


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6 thoughts on “Why You Should Choose Your Friends Wisely

  1. I completely agree with everything in this post! I have also found myself to be selective with not only my friends, but also what I say and share with people. In the past, I used to overshare a lot, just for the sake of conversation, but it would end up hurting me in the process. These days, I would rather be alone and enjoy my own company, than be with people of bad company or have surface-level friendships. Great post! xx

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  2. This is such an important post. A few years ago, I asked myself something similar to the four questions in this post and the answers were resounding no’s to all. It was hard to make that switch, but 5 years on, I’m definitely a lot happier with higher value friendships than what I was in! Definitely worth doing!

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    • Yeah it’s definitely not easy to make that change! it can make you feel guilty too because sometimes the nicest people are just not the right people and it’s hard to cut people out! Thanks for sharing your experience – I’m glad you’re a lot happier now 😀

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  3. I love this blog and I can certainly relate to this 🙂 Its so much better to have 10 friends that give you positive energy and help bring out the best version of yourself rather than 100 friends in a superficial level that give negative energy . You sometimes have to choose who is worth keeping, which is not easy to do but is important to do. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Yes 100%! I’ve always been the kind of person to gravitate towards small groups of friends, rather than lots of acquaintances, and now that I’m older I’ve realised how much more rewarding that is, because the friendships are a lot deeper and more meaningful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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