Weekly Wellbeing Challenge: Week 14

The challenge for this week was… 5 Minutes of Deep Breathing!

Here is a small overview of how I got on with the challenge.

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This week, I tried a few different ways to practice deep breathing. On the days I was feeling tired, I would stay lying in bed after my alarm went off and do the deep breathing on my back, starting the day with a calming breath. I think it helped me feel more awake!

Other days, I sat on the edge of my bed, and practiced deep breathing whilst looking at my vision board. This was a great way of setting positive intentions, whilst also exhaling out any stress simultaneously. I enjoyed letting my mind wonder and think about my future, but also reigning in the breath and reminding myself of the present moment.

The problem with deep breathing (or any meditation) is that I find it hard to make a consistent routine. I often forget to do it, or my mind automatically dreads the time I have to sit still – because I’m rearing to get up and get things done! But then I’m happy to spend that same amount of time scrolling social media – it’s hypocritical!

As a result, it’s all about creating a mind shift. I must associate deep breathing with something good – and it is something good; it increases wellbeing and productivity.

Perhaps I need to stop talking so much about meditation and start doing it!

Have you been practicing deep breathing?

How does it make you feel?

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